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Default Re: Individual RP: Metallic Houndoom

Umbreon wasn't very happy about noticing its opponent was swapped yet again. The fire made it very hard for it to get down the tree and get a better shot at Magnezone, so Umbreon just aimed at Magnezone's direction and let out a strong Screech attack. The Screech headed right towards Magnezone with a moderate power, due to the strong winds, by the time the sound got there, but it was still strong enough for Magnezone to flinch right there as it tried to handle the sound waves.

Magnezone tried to push forward through the sound and let out a wide Discharge attack, but not being able to focus, it missed Umbreon completely.

Ranger Eli glanced towards sad with a disappointed look in his face as he tossed a Pokeball saying, "Belle, use Rain Dance!"

As the Pokeball opened, a big Dragonite appeared in a flash and began to flight up high, fighting against the strong wind. A blue light flashed out of her small horn and suddenly the sky became darker, making it hard to see, and it started to rain heavily. Belle doved down towards Eli as he pointed the Pokeball at her and recalled her in.

The rain put out the fire almost instantly, leaving a big lifeless patch between Umbreon's tree and the rock Eli and Zack were standing on. Umbreon took the chance to near Magnezone the slightest bit to make sure it was in range. Suddenly, a scarlet light flashed out of Umbreon's eyes and enveloped Magnezone. Magnezone looked around confused, not sure what was going on, but not feeling any different, it just stood there awaiting orders.

Eli looked at Zack and said, "You know, this isn't just a battle field. Plenty of Pokemon live here, so you have to be careful about your actions."

__________________________________________________ ________________________

Trainer's stats:

Trainer: Zack Blaze

Location: Meteor Valley

Area Effects:
---Dark Clouds, Strong Winds, Heavy Rain, Darkness

Encounters Remaining: 9

PPPP Violation: 1

Pokemon Stats:
---Docile Magnezone (NG/Magnet Pull) 50% (defense slightly lowered, Mean Look)
---Hardy Houndoom (F/Early Bird) 87.29%
---Calm Dragonite (F/Inner Focus) 100%

Total Items: Mega Puffins x2, Max Potions x4, Hyper Balls x7, Digital Camera

Total Captured Pokemon: N/A

Current Wild Pokemon: ??? Umbreon (?/Synchronize) (Focus Energy)

Other Wild Pokemon: Hasty Poochyena (?/Quick Feet); Jolly Cleffa (?/Magic Guard); Relaxed Beldum (NG/Clear Body); Quirky Unown (NG/Levitate); Docile Poochyena (?/Run Away)
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