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Default [Gallery]~The Refiner's Fire~

The Complete Works of a Total Rookie...

-No Spam, please and thank you.

-No Flaming, of course. Can't we all just get along?

-No Requests. I'm not that good...

-No Stealing. Gosh, that's just mean.

-Be nice with your criticisms, for the sake of my gentle heart. I am a rookie, and I know it. xD

Recent Updates


This was a gift to BurningSoul for his birthday:

This was a request for Moonlight:

This was for Crystal Wolf:

This was my first Vertical banner; and I'm back into the Kingdom Hearts mood. :3

And this was a gift for... my mom, funny enough, for a cover for her DS. :3

Banner of da Week entry:

*which will be edited to fix the text* :3
Early Works:
(Shield your eyes!)

Secret Santa Gift to Operative:

Banner of the Week Entries:

Kayla's Sweet Kitten Tutorial Banner:


Tutorial banners (From ragnojacob and Tombi):


Pokedex Project Banners:


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