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Default Re: Faith or Coincidence

Luck dwells over the paths that we call faith and shows up at the most unexpected times. Sometimes when you need it, sometimes when it seems completely unnecessary, but always it is an opportunity you have to take.

The next morning the alarm clock did not ring, it was Sunday so Ruri could stay longer in bed. Normally she did and she would sleep till eleven o’clock but today she woke up at seven and the sleep could not take her back to her soft dreams. She turned and turned in her bed and finally decided to stand up and get dressed. With all her turning she waked Yue who looked very sleepy up from next to the cushion.

“Sorry Yue,” Ruri said softly, not disturbing the peace that was laying over the house, “care to join me for a morning walk?” She asked.

Sleepy Yue stood up and shook her body to get her fur right. She blinked and twitched with her brown ears but then jumped from the bed and walked to the door.

“I take that as a yes.” Ruri grinned as she finished dressing and opened to door.

Quietly the two moved trough the house. Ruri wrote a small letter to her father and mother, snatched a banana and opened the front door. Silent she and Yue moved outside, the fresh snow rustled under their feet and the wind was blowing through their hair. Slowly the two moved to the quay and stared out over the ice that had formed on the water.

Then she saw something in the distance, a lightning flash coming from the water. Ruri frowned and Yue moved her ears in the direction or the flash.
Another flash.

Ruri glanced to Yue and then to the ice; “Do you think I can walk on it? It looks kinda strong…” She spoke wondering, brushing a purple lock out of her face.

Yue looked wondering to the ice and then suddenly took a jump forwards. Softly she landed on the ice and walked around, looking expectant to Ruri as if she was saying; “where are you waiting for?”

Ruri smiled and knelt down. She wiped away some snow and sat down on the cold wooden pier, slowly placing her feet on the ice. It creaked a little but did not burst. A bit more confident she placed a bit more weight on the ice and still the ice did not crack. Not long after that Ruri stood on the ice and slowly began to walk, Yue walked next to her, moving towards what she thought would be the source of the electricity.

Further and further Ruri and Yue walked over the ice and they moved further and further away from the city and the pier. Ruri walked slowly, looking for any signs of cracks in the ice but till so far there were none.

Another flash of electricity, rising up into the sky.

It was closer now and Ruri could see the place were the lightning came from. She frowned, it seemed like it was directly coming from the ice but that was not possible. She narrowed her eyes and scanned the ice, first there seemed to be nothing but then she noticed something blue that was lying in the ice it seemed. Ruri widened her eyes and started to move faster. There was a Pokémon stuck in the ice!

“Come on Yue! We have to free it.” She said as she moved as quickly as possible over the ice towards the blue Pokémon.
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