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Default Re: Individual RP: Metallic Houndoom

OOC: Come on MH, give me something better than a video game long as you don't destroy the park in the process. ^^;

Magnezone quickly acknowledge the instructions and rushed forward while charging electricity. Umbreon took a few steps back and held its ground. Suddenly, Umbreon's eyes gave out a quick flash. At that very moment, Magnezone's eyes flashed as well and its flight pattern became erratic. I began flying around in a small circle and carelessly Discharged the electricity on itself and dropped straight to the floor.

As it hit the ground, a slight bolt jumped out of it and hit Umbreon. It didn't seem to have hurt as Umbreon just shook it off.

"Don't give up Mr. Blaze! I'm sure you can come up with something!" said Ranger Eli to cheer up Zack.

"Nyah!" quickly followed Nancy in a cheering way.

__________________________________________________ ________________________

Trainer's stats:

Trainer: Zack Blaze

Location: Meteor Valley

Area Effects:
---Dark Clouds, Strong Winds, Heavy Rain, Darkness

Encounters Remaining: 9

PPPP Violation: 1

Pokemon Stats:
---Docile Magnezone (NG/Magnet Pull) 35.47% (defense slightly lowered, Mean Look, confused)
---Hardy Houndoom (F/Early Bird) 87.29%
---Calm Dragonite (F/Inner Focus) 100%

Total Items: Mega Puffins x2, Max Potions x4, Hyper Balls x7, Digital Camera

Total Captured Pokemon: N/A

Current Wild Pokemon: ??? Umbreon (?/Synchronize) 94.16% (Focus Energy)

Other Wild Pokemon: Hasty Poochyena (?/Quick Feet); Jolly Cleffa (?/Magic Guard); Relaxed Beldum (NG/Clear Body); Quirky Unown (NG/Levitate); Docile Poochyena (?/Run Away)
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