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Default Re: Faith or Coincidence

Faith or Coincidence, it doesn’t matter as long as the world keeps turning and as long as the hearts of people and Pokémon will not be swallowed by evil and fear. Then we will always be who we are supposed to be.

Ruri was only a few meters separated from the Pokémon. Her eyes widened as she saw the blue body, the small, light blue fins and the antennae with the teardrop-shaped orbs on the end. The yellow eyes had a black plus in it and were looking frightened.

It was a Chinchou.

“What…” Ruri stuttered. She was completely astonished that she was so close to a Chinchou, the Pokémon that she saw that evening crossing the sea, moving to the south and now it was here.

Yue slowly started to walk towards the Chinchou but before she could get near it, it released a bolt of electricity that raced towards the fox Pokémon. Yue jumped back and hurried back to Ruri. The bolt of electricity fell apart as it hit the ice.

“Relax, the Chinchou has probably been here all night and is scared, we should be careful.” Ruri spoke, petting Yue on her head.

Slowly, very slowly she walked closer; she kept her hands low and did not make any fast movements to show the blue Pokémon that she was no thread.

The yellow teardrop-shaped orbs began to glow again as the Chinchou prepared for another lightning attack. Suddenly Yue jumped in front of Ruri and let out a mighty Growl that stunned the blue fish for a second, making the orbs stop glowing.

Ruri took the chance Yue gave her to walk to the Chinchou and sat down next to it, trying to get the ice near the Pokémon away with her gloves. But the ice did not burst an inch. She pulled out her gloves and her hand touched the Chinchou for a second. Its body was cold as ice and it was shaking.

The touch made Chinchou come to senses again and it started to struggle, fast spitting out strong bubbles in every direction.

A few hit Ruri on her arms and in her chest and made her fall back on the ice that creaked dangerous.

Yue on the other hand managed to dodge all the bubbles by bouncing up and down, from the left to the right.

Ruri struggled back to a saver distance as the Chinchou started to gather energy and the orbs began to glow again. It was charging and soon it would use another electric attack Ruri knew. It was dangerous to stay around but they had to free it, she could not just leave it here. She looked to Yue, who was not unharmed. “Yue, try to use Take Down on the ice next to Chinchou but try to do it gentle for otherwise we will fall in the water too.” She said.

The Eevee shook with her body to get the ice out and then ran towards the Chinchou. Even thou the Chinchou could not move it managed to send of a strong Water Gun in Yue’s direction that nearly missed the small fox. She was now almost there and prepared for the attack.

Just when Yue was about the strike the ice with her body the Chinchou released an electric attack that Ruri recognized as Discharge.

“Yue watch out!” She shouted as she saw the lightning speeding towards her Pokémon.

But due the Charge of Chinchou the lightning moved faster than Yue could dodge and the yellow strike hit her in her shoulder, making her flying backwards, landing on ice that creaked again.

Chinchou was panting heavenly and seemed to be exhausted from both the struggle to get out and the battle with Yue.

“Yue!” Ruri walked towards the Eevee and kneeled down next to it as Yue sat up again and shook her head. “Are you all right?” Ruri asked worried and she moved her hand over Yue’s shoulder. Yue shivered but then faced the Chinchou again as she looked determined to Ruri. Ruri sighed but smiled. “Ok, let’s try again, come on use Take Down.”

Yue charged again towards the Chinchou but now she did it more careful. Her body moved elegant as she dodged the bubbles that came flying towards her and then rammed the ice near the blue fish making a crack in it. She tumbled backwards due the strength of the attack that caused a recoil on her as well.

The Chinchou started to struggle now that it realized that it could get free after all. The crack in the ice widened and suddenly it was wide enough and the Chinchou fell in the water.

Yue walked slowly back to Ruri and sat down next to her and together they looked to the Chinchou who was happily splashing around in the water, then it drove underwater and disappeared under the ice.

Ruri sighed and turned to Yue. “Well that was it I guess.” She said as she twisted her mouth a bit then she made a faint smile. “Well I can’t expect more can I?”She said nodding but deep inside she wished that the Chinchou had stayed. She shook her head, how could she, that Chinchou belonged with his family not with her. Slowly she turned around and started to walk back.

Then. {Chin..?}

Ruri turned around and her eyes widened for in the hole in the ice he Chinchou floated and it looked to her as its orbs radiated a bright light. It looked questioned to Ruri.

“You want to thank me?” Ruri said smiling faintly as she walked back to the hole and kneeled down next to it. “You’re welcome. Now return to family, they must be worried sick about you.” She said as a single tear fell down from her left eye.

{Chin…} The Chinchou said soft as it moved its orbs to her cheek and ran over it.

Wondering Ruri looked to the and slowly she moved her hand to the blue body. “Say...” She said softly. “Would you like...” She hesitated but Yue moved next to her and brushed her head to her other hand. More confident she looked to the Chinchou as she softly asked: “Would you like to stay with me?”

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