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Default Hey everybody what do you think of this.

There are a lot of clans here right. I had an idea maybe have a tournament that has all the clans in it. Like only the top 3 or so people from each clan will be allowed to enter. It should get this forum more active and also help them get ready for the forum war. It is just an idea i was thinking about, i was just wondering if this might work. I am willing to organize and run the tournament if you approve it. It will be a good indicator as well to see who is the stronger clans on this forum. I could also try to make banners for this tournament. It can work by a point system to decide on which team wins. That way if say the 2 best battlers on this forum meet in the 1st round of the tournament there is still a chance of the other team winning. I can work out a point system. I am willing to do all the work. The tournament could also be a double elimation tournament. Tell me what you think?

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