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Default Re: DPP Discussion / Question & Answer Thread!

Originally Posted by Pokemon_Ron View Post
There is most likely a GTS error. The GTS tends to have errors constantly.
Originally Posted by Mr420 View Post
the GTS server has its faults. For instance like you said, you can SEEK pokemon in the server and at most you get this 411 from the GTS
1.Basic pokedex info. name,#
4.Origin location.
5.Which pokemon they want for trade & gender type.
For some reason it should also include at what level THEY want your pokemon for which it currently does not show.
Originally Posted by Pokemon_Ron View Post
Oh, I've never seen it do that before. It may be because there are so many people on the GTS that it starts glitching.
I've figured out the answer to my question. Its apparent that the GTS won't let me trade a pokemon if I have a pokemon of the same species still in my possession. The same thing happens for the "seek pokemon" option.
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