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Default Re: Individual RP: Marth

Sokka's arm flew up in front of his face at the tremendous display of heat. Infernape had let loose a massive pillar of fire, well beyond what he should have been able to pull off, which filled the cavern instantly with blazing orange and red light. The flames engulfed the Swift stars, likely obliterating them... but no! The added power from the Psych Up attack allowed them to pass through the flames, weakened but intact. They soared through a struck Marth's Infernape, who was both too tired and too stubborn to get out of the way.

Meanwhile the pillar of fire had blocked the view of Espeon, who had been overtaken by them just as they were beginning to clear up. Being near the wall he was forced to endure it while it dispelled against the solid rock. When it had finally all died out, Espeon was revealed. The tips of his fur were charred and he was panting heavily, but he didn't seem too much worse for the wear, and it became apparent why as their eyes adjusted to the dim crystal glow. A clear half-dome had formed in front of him, taking a good deal of the heat. Apparently somewhere in his life he had learned Light Screen, and while it didn't make him immune it still aided him.

Now he allowed the curved barrier to flicker away, and focused his eyes on Infernape, who still appeared to be spent from the incredible Overheat. They glowed a silvery-blue, and an outline of the same color appeared around the monkey, lifting him slightly above the ground.


Battle Stats

Infernape 86% [SpAtt-2, SpDef+1]
Espeon 64% <Psychic> [SpAtt+1, SpDef+1]

Because the Overheat was stronger than it properly should have been, even with Calm Mind, I increased the power some and made it drop more Special Attack.

Encounters Left: 11

Encounters- ??? Genderless Unown W
??? ??? Cleffa
??? ??? Spoink
??? Male Espeon

Trainer Stats

Name: Marth
Location: Meteor Valley
Items: 2 Repellents, 1 Family Repellent, Digital Camera, Max Potion, 4 Parkballs, 3 Superballs, 2 Hyperballs


Hardy Male Infernape (Aerial Ace, Attract, Brick Break, Bulk up, Calm Mind, Earthquake, Fling, Fire Blast, Focus Punch, Grass Knot, Overheat, Poison Jab, Protect, Rest, Return, Roar, Rock Tamb, Shadow Claw, Sleep Talk, Solarbeam, Stealth Rock, Stone Edge, Substitute, Sunny Day, Swagger, Swords Dance, Toxic, U-Turn, Will-O-Wisp, Encore, Fake out) <Blaze>

Calm Male Dragonite (Brick Break, Protect, Substitute, Roost, Ice Beam, Surf, Thunder, Extremespeed, Superpower, Heal Bell) <Inner Focus>
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