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Default Re: National Park Sign Up

Originally Posted by Leman View Post
This looks not-dead, so I guess I'll sign up. Seems fun. And whoever approves this: want to IM me when you do? :D Thanks.

Name: Leman
Age: 16
Gender: Male

Personality: Ugh. He is somewhat quiet, too the point where he comes off as cold to people he has recently met, however he becomes more talkative with people once he has known them for a long time.. Very easily annoyed. He doesn't really show his emotions often, and likes to analyze and compute everything before acting. He likes to convert everything to numbers before working with it. (which is why he committed the formula of catching junk to memory)

Description: Short and skinny. There's no fat on his body, but there isn't much muscle either. His hair is black, and his skin is tanned, and he always wheres a dull pair of jeans and a solid t-shirt.

Pokemon Captured: None. At all. YEAH!

Pokemon Natures: (These don't have any real bearing on anything, do they? Ex: Modest Nature wont make your Pokemon his harder with Special Atttacks, and weaker with Physicial ones?)

Jolteon F Rash
Spitiromb F Naughty
Dragonite M Calm
Infernape F Jolly (In a sort of, "I want to kill you way" :x)

Park Items: None
You might want to read the Park Encyclopedia before I approve this, for the natures do have an impact on your RP.

EDIT: Now you're good to go. Welcome!
By Khajmer
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