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Default Re: What is your RBY/GSC Team?

Ok this team is not the best I've had, I am more or less just training my newly caught Bagon:
( I have beaten the E4 and all those things )
Bagon lvl. 38
Sharpedo lvl. 51
Aggron lvl. 52
Camerupt lvl. 52
Swampert lvl. 53
Altaria lvl. 53

Thoughts: Movesets are too noobish to post here...
I can't find Feebas!!

EDTI: Whoops, didn't see this was the RBY/GSC section, sorry!

[URPG stats]

Awesome job on the HOF, ND!
Aggron @ 1063
Level 100 @ 1237

I have decided to leave this forum for a while.
For more info, go here.

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