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Default Ultra's Stats

Your name:ultracharmander/uc/ultra
Money: $2.5k
Your AIM
What Messengers to you have:AIM
Battles played:35
FFA played: 2
Battles I can partake in:

Battle + Expenses Log
Start with charmander +$3000
Basics Match~vs Rapt0r (lost) 1v1 ultra vs ninjask +$500
Basics Match~vs edmund (lost) 1v1 ultra vs horsea +$500
Basics Match~vs Lunar Wing (lost) 1v1 ultra vs umbreon +$500
Blastoise received
~vs Electric Pikachu (won) 1v1 blastoise vs growlithe +$0
~vs EtE (lost) 2v2 ultra+blastoise vs pidgey+sceptile +$500
~vs Pokemon Partner (won) 2v2 ultra+blastoise vs ekans and poochyena +$1000
Ultra evolved into Charmeleon
Basics Match~vs Metallic Houndoom (won) 1v1 ultra vs electrike +$1000
Bought elekid for $6000.
Basics Match~vs Pokemon_Ron (lost) 1v1 electron vs voltorb +$0
~vs Stubby_Boardman (lost) 2v2 electron+blastoise vs persian + kingdra +$0
Basics Match~vs Latio_Reol (lost) 1v1 electron vs sandile +$0
~vs MuddyMudkip (lost) 2v2 ultra+blastoise vs machamp+electivire +$500
~vs Dabeatmaster123 (lost) 2v2 ultra+electron vs starmie+? +$500
Basics Match~vs Nightsky Eyes (lost) 1v1 electron vs elekid +$500
Basics Match~vs Wartortle (won) 1v1 electron vs squirtle +$1000
Electron evolved into Electabuzz
Basics Match~vs Wartortle (won) 1v1 electron vs squirtle +$1000
Basics Match~vs Wartortle (lost) 1v1 ultra vs squirtle +$500
Basics Match~vs Wartortle (lost) 1v1 ultra vs squirtle +$500
Underground -$2500
Obtained Pale Sphere +$3000
~vs Wartortle (won) 2v2 blastoise+electron vs wartortle+shinx +$1000
Bought Togepi for $5000.
~vs Zhwoobatte (won) 2v2 electron+blastoise vs krookodile+electivire +$1000
Basics Match~vs IceKyurem (lost) x5 1v1 White Mage vs ponyta +$2500
~vs Morru Magnum (lost) 2v2 electro+blastoise vs togekiss+swampert +$500
Bought Soothe Bell for $3000
White Mage evolved into Togetic
Basics Match~vs Morru Magnum (won) x5 1v1 White Mage vs surskit +$5000
Bought Electirizer for $2500
Bought Cable Link for $2000
Electron evolved into Electrivire
Bought Shiny Stone for $3000
White Mage evolved into Togekiss
Ultra evolved into Charizard
~vs gmandiddy (lost) 2v2 electron+whitemage vs smeargle+lucario +$500
~vs Synthesis (lost) 2v2 blastoise+ultra vs magnezone+espeon +$500
~vs gmandiddy (won) 4v4 ultra+blastoise+electron+White Mage vs hitmontop+jolteon+aggron +$1500
~vs Opossumguy (lost) 2v2 electron+ultra vs luxray+quilfish +$500
~vs wrave (lost) 2v2 White Mage+ultra vs salamence+feraligatr +$500
~vs kers (lost) 3v3 White Mage+electron+blastoise vs swampert+infernape+yanmega +$500
~vs wrave (lost) 2v2 electron+blastoise vs nidoqueen+feraligatr +$500
~vs buoyysel (lost) 3v3 ultra+electron+White Mage vs dusknoir+leafeon+floatzel +$500
~vs Captain Dude (lost) 2v2 electron+White Mage vs electivire+staraptor +$500
~vs LSCalamity (won) 2v2 ultra+electron vs hydreigon+haxorus +$1000
Bought Trapinch for $7000
Basics Match~vs Captain Dude (won) x5 1v1 Ryuu vs nidorino +$5000
Banshou evolved into Vibrava
Basics Match~vs Captain Dude (won) x5 1v1 Ryuu vs nidorino +$5000
Banshou evolved into Flygon
Bought leftovers and life orb for $9500
~vs YouLookLikeBread (won/flawless) 2v2 Ultra+Ryuu vs machop+venonat +$1000
~vs NightskyEyes (ongoing) 3v3 electron+blastoise vs magby+mightyena+electivire
~vs GL (lost) 2v2 electron+Ryuu vs arcanine+togekiss +$500
~vs dancingludicolo (lost) 2v2 electron+White Mage vs ludicolo+emolga +$500
Caught Gligar from story
Basics Match~vs SLC 1v1 (won) x7 Banshou vs eevee +$7000
~vs dancingludicolo (won) 2v2 electron+Banshou vs zebstrika+ludicolo +$1000
~vs gliscorman (won) 3v3 Ryuu+electron+blastoise vs galvantula+staraptor+feraligatr +$1000
~vs Focus58 (won) 1v1 Banshou vs lotad +$1000
~vs RouletteDares (lost) 2v2 electron+blastoise vs infernape+gengar
~vs dancingludicolo (won) 2v2 ultra+electron vs magikarp+emolga +$1000
~vs Psychedelic Shroomish (lost) 2v2 ultra+Ryuu vs gengar +$500
~vs The Crimson Rose (won) 2v2 ultra+electron vs gyarados+roserade +$1000
~vs Nimbasa Gym (Synthesis) (lost) 3v3 blastoise+electron+Ryuu vs jolteon+rotom-wash +$1000
~vs gmandiddy (won) 2v2 ultra+electron vs lucario+starmie +$1000
~vs Pokeyoshi48 (won) 1v1 Banshou vs ralts +$1000
Bought Beldum for $10000
Basics Match~vs Captain Dude 1v1 (lost) x7 Metallica vs nidorino +$3500
Basics Match~vs Captain Dude 1v1 (won) x3 Metallica vs nidorino +$3000
Underground -$2500
Obtained TM Sandstorm
~vs the pokemaster (lost) 2v2 metallica+electron vs infernape+mismagius +$500
Recieved gifts at Summer Gift Station
FFA Metallica came 8/8 +$1000
~vs Trovita Gym (PsychedelicShroomish) (lost) 2v2 Ludaris+Metallica vs porygon-Z+lucario +$1500
Bought some National Park items -$6000
~vs gmandiddy (won) 3v3 ultra+Ryuu+Metallica vs dragonite+kingdra+lapras +$1000
Front Gate fee -$2500
FFA Metallica came 7/13
Attended Summer Palooza
~vs TurtwigA (lost) 2v2 ultra+Metallica vs huntail+haxorus +$500
Basics Match~vs TurtwigA (lost) 1v1 x2 Ebb vs shellder +$1000
Basics Match~vs RouletteDares (lost) 1v1 x5 Ebb vs aipom +$2500
Underground -$2500
Obtained Bug Jewell

Your Win/loss/draw record:
FFA best postition: 7th
Your current position:Trainer
Winning Streak: +3
Current Streak: -1

Any Items I have:
Cable Link (unlimited use)
Life Orb
Soothe Bell <used>
Electirizer <used>
Shiny Stone <used>
Daycare pass <used>
Park pass
Bug Jewell

TMs I have:
[TM Earthquake] <used>
[TM Sandstorm] <used>

Any badges I have:0
Orange Isle:0
Attempts on Trovita:1
Attempts on Nimbasa:1

Stories: 2
A Night to Remember - Medium - Gligar
Magikarp - Easiest - Magikarp

National Park Stats: James Caan


Number of Pokemon: 9

Abilities: Blaze
Gender: Male
Number of Battles: 13
EXP Points: 10/10
EMs: [SM Quick Attack], [MT Thunder Punch]
Win/Lose/Draw Record: 7/6/0
As Charmander: 1/4/0
As Charmeleon:1/4/0
Caught at: Starter Pokemon
Damaging Moves set: [Dragon Claw], [Shadow Claw], [Air Slash], [Scratch], [Ember], [Rage], [Dragon Rage], [Fire Fang], [Slash], [Wing Attack], [Flamethrower], [Fire Spin], [Metal Claw], [Inferno], [Flame Burst], [Heat Wave], [Flare Blitz]
Non Damaging Moves set: Growl, Leer, SmokeScreen, Scary Face

Species: Blastoise
Nickname: Blastoise
Abilities: Torrent
Gender: Male
Number of Battles: 14
EMs: [HM Surf], [HM Waterfall], [HM Rock Climb], [TM Earthquake]
Win/Lose/Draw Record:6/8/0
As Squirtle:N/A
As Wartortle:N/A
Caught at: Santa's Elves Are Calling You - Spiderc
Damaging Moves set: [Tackle], [Bubble], [Water Gun], [Bite], [Rapid Spin], [Skull Bash], [Hydro Pump], [Water Pulse], [Aqua Tail], [Flash Cannon]
Non Damaging Moves set: Tail Whip, Withdraw, Protect, Rain Dance, Iron Defence

UFT:offer me

Species: Electivire
Nickname: Electron
Abilities: Motor Drive
Gender: Male
Number of Battles: 18
EXP Points:10/10
EMs: [TM Earthquake]
Win/Lose/Draw Record:7/11/0
As Elekid: 0/5/0
As Electabuzz: 4/1/0
Caught at: Mart
Damaging Moves set: [Fire Punch], [Quick Attack], [Thunder Punch], [Swift], [Thunderbolt], [Thunder], [Thundershock], [Low Kick], [Shock Wave], [Discharge], [Electro Ball], [Giga Impact]
Non Damaging Moves set: Leer, Light Screen, Screech

Species: Togekiss
Nickname: White Mage
Abilities: Serene Grace or Hustle
Gender: Female
Number of Battles: 7
EXP Points:10/10
EMs: None
Win/Lose/Draw Record:1/6/0
As Togepi: 0/5/0
As Togetic: 5/0/0
Caught at: Mart
Damaging Moves set: [Sky Attack], [ExtremeSpeed], [Aura Sphere], [Air Slash], [Magical Leaf], [AncientPower], [Double-Edge], [Last Resort]
Non Damaging Moves set: Growl, Charm, Sweet Kiss, Yawn, Encore, Metronome, Follow Me, Wish, Safeguard, Baton Pass, Bestow, After You

UFT:offer me

Species: Flygon
Nickname: Ryuu
Abilities: Levitate
Gender: Female
Number of Battles: 6
EXP Points:10/10
EMs: None
Win/Lose/Draw Record:3/3/0
As Trapinch: 5/0/0
As Vibrava: 5/0/0
Caught at: Mart
Moves set: [SonicBoom], [Bite], [Faint Attack], [Sand Tomb], [Crunch], [DragonBreath], [Dig], [Dragon Claw], [Sandstorm], [Hyper Beam], [Earth Power], [Dragon Tail], [Earthquake], [Feint], [Fissure]
Non Damaging Moves Set: Sand-Attack, Supersonic, Screech

UFT:offer me

Species: Gligar
Nickname: Banshou
Abilities: Hyper Cutter or Sand Veil
Gender: Male
Number of Battles: 2
EXP Points: 7/7
EMs: [TM Sandstorm]
Win/Lose/Draw Record: 2/0/0
As Gligar: 9/0/0
Caught at: Story
Damaging Moves set: [Poison Sting], [Knock Off], [Quick Attack], [Fury Cutter], [Faint Attack], [Acrobatics], [Slash], [U-turn], [X-Scissor], [Guillotine]
Non Damaging Moves set: Sand-Attack, Harden, Screech, Swords Dance
UFT: Nope

Species: Metagross
Nickname: Metallica
Abilities: Clear Body
Gender: Genderless
Number of Battles: 4
EXP Points:10/10
EMs: None
Win/Lose/Draw Record:1/3/0
FFA Rank: 7th
As Beldum: 0/5/0
As Metang: 3/2/0
Caught at: Mart
Moves set: [Take Down], [Metal Claw], [Confusion], [Pursuit], [Bullet Punch], [Psychic], [Hammer Arm], [Meteor Mash], [Zen Headbutt], [Hyper Beam]
Non Damaging Moves Set: Magnet Rise, Scary Face, Iron Defense, Agility

UFT: Offer Me[/FONT]

Species: Staraptor
Nickname: Ludacris
Abilities: Intimidate
Gender: Male
Number of Battles: 0
Win/Lose/Draw Record: 0/1/0
As Starly: N/A
As Staravia: N/A
Caught at: Summer Gift Station - Fawkes
Damaging Moves set: [Tackle], [Quick Attack], [Wing Attack], [Endeavor], [Aerial Ace], [Take Down], [Close Combat], [Brave Bird], [Final Gambit]
Non Damaging Moves set: Growl, Double Team, Whirlwind, Agility

Species: Gyarados
Nickname: Ebb
Abilities: Intimidate
Gender: Female
Number of Battles: 0
EXP Points: 7/7
Win/Lose/Draw Record: 0/0/0
As Magikarp: 0/7/0
Caught at: Story
Damaging Moves set: [Thrash], [Tackle], [Flail], [Bite], [Dragon Rage], [Twister], [Ice Fang], [Aqua Tail], [Hydro Pump], [Hyper Beam]
Non Damaging Moves set: Splash, Leer, Rain Dance, Dragon Dance

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