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Default Re: URPG National Park Main RP

Danni pushed open the door slowly, slightly nervous. What was the park like? She had only read stories about it. This place was too dark, and despite walking through the night to get here, her eyes were not enough adjusted for this kind of black. Fumbling around on the wall with my hand, she eventually found a light switch.


The lights weakly came on, looking like they were fighting to get out of the dark, but something was holding them back. They provided the light she had wanted, though, and the room was visible now. It looked kind of old to her, and reminded her of a log cabin. A desk with a waiting area caught her eye. Could that be where she was supposed to go?

A few steps in that direction and she realized something else. There was a bat hanging from the ceiling! Biting my tongue, I froze. She had dealt with bats before on one occasion. Or at least, watched people deal with bats. They had screamed and ran away, and the bats had followed them, shrieking. It would probably be a lot better for her if she left it sleeping.

Slowly and as silently as possible she back-stepped, tennis shoes luckily not squeaking as they so often did. One step, two steps, all the while watching the bat. She would get out, she would get out. A third step, how many were there until the door? A fourth step had been achieved by the time she heard a tired "Welcome." coming from the direction of the bat. What? That wasn't right.

Squinting, she peered closer at the 'bat.' It wasn't an animal at all, just a really queer teenager who slept upside down. On second thought, maybe she shouldn't rule out the possibility of bat altogether. Turning her eyes away from him, for she realized she had been staring, she quietly said, "Hello," then, louder and inquiringly, "I came to be escorted through the Botanic Gardens. Am I in the right place?"
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