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Default Re: URPG Stories Chat & Feedback

Since people will only put (Need a Grader), (GRADE PLEASE) and the likes right after they finish the story, it just gives off the feeling of unpatience and sloppiness to me.

Unpatience, because the only purpose of putting it is to grab a grader's attention, even when your story title isn't interesting, and in this regard it's no different from said person sending you a PM to grade the story.

Sloppiness, because it sort of breaks the charm of a person reading a story for fun. Being reminded at the top of each post (for those who notice, anyway) that the story wants to be graded can be just as disrupting as bad wording, and makes the story look more rushed.

It also gives the feeling of people not writing a story just for the story itself, but only because they want new pokemon- which, to a degree, is what everyone wants from a URPG story, but for that there's story deals or other ways to get pokemon.

This said, it's just my opinion. I'm probably feeling more touchy than I should, but I really don't see any reason for taking it out, let alone forcing people to put the (Grader Needed) sign

EDIT: ATF beat me to it :x

And eli, what should Emma and George do to people who break this rule? Making their story void and banning them from the story board? Let's get serious, please. It's not like people can do much to avoid it apart from telling them, and mods have enough on their hands than editing this stuff.
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