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Default [Results!] Member of the Season: Fall '09


Fall is over, and winter is settling in. You’ve voted for your autumn champions, so wrap up warm and the results are as follows...

If you wish to know what votes you got in all categories, feel free to PM me!

The Members

Coolest Member:
Tombi (9)
The Maple Syrup Baptist (6)
PainKiller, Reclusive Demon, Finch, Psychedelic Shroomish (3)

Nicest Member:
The Maple Syrup Baptist, Lunar Latias (5)
Angela (4)
Embreon, Anastasia-R, Tombi (3)

Smartest Member:
Kenny_C.002 (7)
Lusankya, Neo Pikachu (4)
Lusitania, DaRkUmBrEoN (3)

Most Helpful Member:
The Maple Syrup Baptist, Embreon, Charizard Michelle, Operative, Angela, Anastasia-R, Neo Pikachu (2)
Tranquil Leafeon, Ataro, Charbok, SuperBoy, Nirvash, Hypocrisy is Fun, Haze, The Jr. Trainer, Loyal Arcanine, Mightydes, Khajmer, Skippy, Dr. House, Tombi, k_pop, Sequentio, Matt J (1)

Funniest Member:
Psychedelic Shroomish (7)
Omega Mitch, PainKiller, Woodchuck (4)
ReclusiveDemon (3)

Best Personality:
The Maple Syrup Baptist (4)
Woodchuck (3)
Charbok, Tranquil Leafeon, iReign, Lunar Latias, Anastasia-R, Psychedelic Shroomish, Tombi, Haze, Sequentio, Jessu (3)

Best Female:
Tombi (14)
Anastasia-R (8)
Angela, Lunar Latias (5)

Best Male:
Maple Syrup Baptist (6)
Onii-San, Charbok, Psychedlic Shroomish (4)
Neo Pikachu (3)

Most Bizarre Member:
SPPF_Max, Gamedude (6)
Lusitania, Alana Marie, Psychedelic Shroomish (5)
Pokemon Ron, Maple Syrup Baptist (2)

Best New Member:
Sequentio (6)
Ninaiso, Valiantly Vaporeon (2)
Spear, Marluxia, AsSwEe, timminy cricket, Burningzepp08, Sheepskinfuton, Zastard (1)

Most Improved Member:
Kayla Ann (4)
Sequentio (3)
Pokemon Ron, Charbok, -PK, iReign, Angela, Lusitania, DarkAmythest, Onii-San (1)

Best Pair:
Lusitania x Everyone (10)
Tombi x Charbok (5)
(Yay! <3)
Woodchuck x Meshi (4)

The Arts

Best Artist:
Tombi (9)
Lunar Latias (7)
Anastasia-R, Embreon, Hoshika (5)

Best Graphic Artist:
Tombi (17)
Anastasia-R (14)
iReign (7)

Best Spriter:
Calypso, Sequentio (5)
Woodchuck, gun6 (4)
Onii-San (3)

Best Avatar:
Tombi (4)
Psychedelic Shroomish (3)
The Maple Syrup Baptist, Lusitania, Onii-San, Woodchuck, Lusankya, Haze (2)

Best Signature:
Lusankya (4)
ReclusiveDemon, Seawolf, (3)
Woodchuck, Tombi, Neo Pikachu, Stinky (2)

Best Pokémon Author:
Tombi (7)
Lunar Latias (4)
Phantom Kat (3)

Best Non-Pokémon Author:
Grassy_Aggron (2)
TreeckoFan, metal sonic, Tombi (1)

Best Roleplayer:
Neo Pikachu (12)
Dog of Hellsing (5)
Tombi, Shen (3)

The Support

Best Debater:
Lusitania, Neo Pikachu, PainKiller, Khajmer, Kenny_C.002 (2)
DaRkUmBrEoN, Neo Pikachu, Snow Fairy Sugar, Charbok, Finch (1)

Best Comeback:
SuperBoy, Tobiume, Finch, Gaby, PokemonElite2000 (2)
Lady of the Lake, Shinies, Neo Pikachu, Snow Fairy Sugar (1)

Wish You Were Here:
Psychic Oats, Gaby, Entei3003 (3) (Solely the Merines crew. I love you guys.)
Pidge, Sigma_, SPPF_Max, FireflyK, Fire Away (2)
LordChunk, Lunar Latias, RocketMeowth, Knightblazer, Absol2005, Nitrous Oxide, Ham and Cheese, Elrond, Noob of all Noobs, Dragonite Mistress, Hatchet, Splishee, Younglink, Pokefan17,[ Drift, Pokemon Elite2000, x-Mizu-Tama-x (1)

Best URPG Participant:
Psychedelic Shroomish (5)
Sequentio, Haze, Marth (3)
Loyal Arcanine (2)

Best ASB Participant:
Elbub (4)
Mitsuzo-kun, Lord Khajmer (3)
Brit1444 (1)

The High Stakes

Best Moderator:
Anastasia-R (8)
DaRkUmBrEoN (7)
Embreon (6)

Best Staff Member:
Charbok (11) (Owned it! xD)
Dog of Hellsing, DaRkUmBrEoN, Lusankya, Embreon, Jack of Clovers (2)
Teo, The Jr. Trainer, Hypocrisy is Fun, Haze, Kenny_C.002, Finch (1)

PE2K Idol:
Neo Pikachu, Tombi (4)
The Maple Syrup Baptist (3)
Charbok, Dog of Hellsing (2)

Award for Oustanding Contribution to PE2K:
Neo Pikachu (8) (Well done, mate. <3)
Charbok (6)
PokemonElite2000, Tombi (4)

Member of the Season:
Tombi (4)
Sequentio, Charbok, Lunar Latias, The Maple Syrup Baptist (3)
Angela, Operative, Shen (2)

The Bonus Round

1) Be honest! MOTM or MOTS?
Member of the Month (13)
Member of the Season (9)

2) Person you would most like to meet?
Tombi (6) (I've already met myself...)
The Maple Syrup Baptist (3) (... I'm meeting Mitch next year...)
Mistuzo-kun (2) (... And I've already met Jackson! xDD)

3) Person you would most likely run from?
The Maple Syrup Baptist (5)
Lusitania (3)
Woodchuck, PainKiller, Alana Marie, Gamedude, Kenny_C.002, Lord Khajmer, Jack of Colvers, The Evil Dookie, Luke39, Soda, DarkGardevoir, Tombi, Psychedelic Shroomish, -PK (1)

Congrats to all winners!

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