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Default Re: National Park Sign Up

Name: Luna Sunden (means sound in Swedish so actually her name is moon sound since Luna means moon in Spanish)
Age: 13
Gender: Female

People often see Luna as a bit strange and maybe she is. She is a cheerful girl who is mostly happy and easygoing. She has her own way of doing things, like her contact with Pokémons. Her favorite doings are walking through the forest with Yue, looking for wild Pokémons and drawing them if she finds them. She therefore always has a sketchbook with her in a small bag that is hanging on her back. Also she likes reading and studying about Pokémons and knows a great deal about them. She never would be mean against anyone, person or Pokémon, unless they do something incredibly mean for if there is one thing Luna can’t stand it is when people do mean against their Pokémons.

The left girl only then Luna wears longer, baggy shorts that come till her knees.
Luna is 1.45m and around 40 kg, she is skinny and therefore very agile. She wears a small, black, school like bag on her back with her sketchbook and a few pencils.

Background: (I feel like including a bit of a background)
Luna comes from the Jotho region where she lived with her parents and her twin sister Kaya (the other girl on the picture) in a small house in the Ilex Forest. She met Yue when she was eight as an Eevee and on her tenth it evolved into an Umbreon. Yue was always around Luna even when she was at school and she never goes inside the Pokéball, which the teachers didn’t always liked. Yue and Luna really understand each other without words and there is no one who knows Luna better than Yue.

On her twelfth she started her journey in the great Pokémon world, leaving her parents and her forest behind as she traveled with her sister. Not long after that they split up and now she travels alone with Yue and her other Pokémons.

Pokemon Captured:
Pokemon Natures:
Umbreon (Yue) – Female – Calm
Garchomp (Sheen) – Male – Serious
Lanturn (Raiu) - Female - Jolly
Park Items:
2 Park balls
1 Super ball
1 Hyper ball
1 Max Potion

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