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Default Re: The Trials of Camelot Island [Story Deal]

Chapter 3: Good Riddance, Camelot Island

One of the women knights entered the room. She looked around carefully, her eyes seeming to flash to the group's under the bed every split second. She seemed to stand there for hours, but it reality, it was only a few minutes. At one point, Danny had to cover Zane's mouth to keep him from screaming when she was about to look under the bed, but decided not to. In the end, she simply turned on her heels and left the room. Everyone waited a few moments, unsure if she had actually left, but after a few seconds, Doru called out quietly, “You may come out.”

The group panted a little from being under the dusty bed cramped together as they crawled roughly out. Once they were all standing up and ready to go, Danny glanced at Doru expectantly. Doru nodded and spoke to them, “There are protective powers and such placed all over the castle. King Diablo was smart enough to gather up all the Psychic type Pokemon of his slaves and make them guard the castle so that I couldn't escape.”

Everyone stood in silence for a moment, taking this all in. Then, Jack asked, “So.....what can we do to escape this horrible island?”

Doru thought for a moment, and then replied, “We're going to have to find a way around the knights and get out of the castle grounds.”

Everyone peeked out of the corner of their eyes to stare at one another, except for Zane that is. Instead, he looked at the balcony for a split second. Danny immediately turned his head toward Zane and questioned him warily. “Do you have an idea, Zane?”

Zane shook his head quickly and exclaimed in a quiet sort of way, “No! I mean, um, well.....yeah, I think so.”

Everyone watched Zane like a pack of wolves examining their prey. Zane's look of embarassment plastered on his face didn't surprise anyone. After a few moments, he mumbled, “I have a Skarmory that can fly us all off the balcony over there and keep going on until you give the signal for us to land.”

Danny, Jack, and Sara both gasped in surprise. Doru nodded respectfully at Zane and said, “Good idea, Zane. Please send out your Skarmory, and then we will all climb aboard it and take off.”

Zane nervously put his hand to his belt and pulled out one of the six Pokeballs. It had a beautiful insignia etched onto it; a steel wing. He then threw out the Pokeball onto the carpeted floor. The Pokeball opened at touch, a red flash of light popped out of it, which quickly formed into the shape of a bird.

It was a magnificent creature. It had a large, eagle-like body, and steel wings, one just normal, four steel feathers, whilest the other had one steel feather and three crimson-red feathers. An onyx tail protruded from its bosom, just like a normal, short tail, except for a circle-shaped curve that looked like a large chuck of the tail had been pulled out near where the tail started out. It had a multi-layered steel, very long neck and even longer legs. Its legs were almost as multi-layered as its neck, and dark feet with three, evilly sharp claws. Its head was pretty unnatural, it had beautifully golden eyes and what looked like a mask on the top of its head with a giant dinosaur-like curve on the top.

Doru climbed down from the bed. It looked so strange to the group to see him walk, he was like some mutant swamp creature walking toward the Skarmory. He grabbed its wings and sat himself on it, near the front.

Everybody else did the same, the order was; Doru in the front, Zane behind him, Danny seated behind Zane, Sara seated behind Danny, and Jack in the back. Zane leaned forward and whispered into the Skarmory's ear, “Go to that balcony over there and jump off of it. Keep flying south until this Abra tells you to stop.”

The Skarmory shrieked, and immediately took off. Danny felt like he was about to fall off from the abrupt way that the Skarmory took off, however, he felt much better once he saw how they were flying.

They were soaring above Camelot Island, Skarmory gracefully beating its wings in a wonderful motion. The many white, fluffy clouds in the sky seemed to be floating right above their heads,; it was simply amazing. They kept going on like this for what seemed like a very long time. Danny loved the feeling like it was a bottle of champagne. After a few moments, though, the ride ended. Danny barely heard Doru call out, “Now!” and they were suddenly dropping down toward what now looked like menacing dirt. It seemed like they would die, would hit the ground too hard, would-

Skarmory landed elegantly upon the horrible dirt as if the Pokemon was a ballerina. It hunched down, and evrybody who climbed off, except for Doru and Zane, were dizzy and almost tripped. Doru let them regain their senses for a moment before speaing, “Alright. Now grab my hands, and we'll-”

He was cut off by the sound of a thousands feet stamping and many cries and yells. Everybody turned around to see every single one of Diablo's knights running toward them. Danny cursed silently and yelled, “We've got to go, NOW!”

Everybody immediately grabbed one of Doru's hands and as he yelled, “TELEPORT!” Danny could see all of the knights coming closer and closer toward them. He shut his eyes, and instantly felt a surge of exhaustion. However, he wasn't afraid of falling asleep, and kept his eyes shut. After a few minutes, the feeling suddenly left, and Danny looked around.

They were back at the harbor where Danny, Jack, and Sara had missed their boat to Cinnabar Island. It was exactly as they had left it; nobody was around, it was only them, except for Doru and Zane, that is. He grinned triumphantly as he watched Sara jump up in glee and let out a joyful squeal, Jack nod, smile, and hive him a thumbs-up, and Zane nod in his direction, but not do anything else. Then, he finally looked toward Doru.

Doru had an amazing expression on his face that Danny did not expect at all; a look of pain, mixed with great emotion and joyfulness. Danny simply stared at Doru for a few moments, trying to judge his expression. Doru unexpectedly turned around and faced Danny, looking straight into his eyes and said, “Danny. I to join you on your adventures.”

Danny's look of surprise matched everyone else's at Doru's words. After a few seconds, Danny replied shakily, “But....why?”

Doru laughed a bit and spoke, “I have seen you, Danny, and I have looked into everyone's mind here. I know I MUST travel with you. Besides, since Queen Vivian is dead, I need a new trainer. So, may I join you on your Pokemon journey throughout the lands?”

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