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Default Re: Project Shoddy Devamp Gallery 16/493 NEW THREAD lock the other one please

Originally Posted by BlueJello View Post
C:\Users\yourusername\AppData\Local\Shoddy Battle

Copy and paste that into your search bar in your Computer area, and change yourusername to whatever username you have on your computer. Once there, there are four folders: frontnormal, frontshiny, backnormal, shinynormal. Each is the type of sprite for the Pokemon. If you want to change sprites, copy the sprite to the corresponding folder, then delete the original sprite in the folder. Then, rename the sprite to genderpokemon. So if you had a female Abra, it'd be:


Or if it was male:


Male Venasaur:


And so on. Does this help?

And if anyone wants to use these devamped sprites in shoddy, I'd wait till the project is finished, as I'll release the entire folder for download on this thread, hopefully.

Thanks =)
I was looking in program files.

I've already re-coloured the Slowking sprite so it looks really cool.
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