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Default Re: URPG National Park Main RP

Danni Fetter
Botanic Gardens

Danni watched as the guy hanging from the ceiling fiddled with his boots while apologizing. Whatever was keeping him up there either was detached or was starting for fail him, for he was suddenly on the floor with a loud accompanying crash. Ouch. That must have hurt, she thought, wincing in sympathy. His speech, though, threw her off. V's? Cape, hanging upside down, odd speech... Was he a vampire? Or was he just pretending to be one? She couldn't figure it out. If this was the guy who was going to be taking her through the park, she was almost sorry she hadn't come in daylight.

She was a little relieved when he spit out a mouth guard and ditched the cape. So he wasn't really a vampire, just... just... Well, she wasn't sure what he was doing, but it was kind of odd. An experiment, he had claimed. Alright, she would buy that, if only to satisfy her curiosity for a while. "...that'd make you Danni Fetter. All right then, follow me." That was her, so this must be the ranger she was looking for.


She had only had time to blink, right? Then how were they already here? Furtively glancing over the surroundings, her gaze jumped right from the ranger to a Natu. Probably the ranger's, she figured, as it yawned and disappeared. They had teleported. Well, that made sense. With that cleared up, she could allow herself to survey the area. It was her first time in the Botanic Gardens, her first time in the park altogether.

A hand went instinctively to a pokeball on her belt as the beauty of the place hit her. She knew that her Linoone would just love running through the flowers and knee-high grass, should she let him, and that he wouldn't go too far. Her fingers moved over the smooth surface slowly as she thought about it. As for her vision, she wasn't really paying attention to what she was looking at beyond the beauty and the grass. When a roar sounded really close by, she just about jumped out of her skin. No choice, then, Linoone was coming out of the ball.

"Go Linoone," she said, her voice shooting up an octave in surprise. Shoot. Red light struck the ground, mutating into the shape into a... Well, her best description was a snake with legs that wasn't quite a lizard, and was furry. Small ears sprouted out of the head, and the light faded into a Pokemon.

Linoone gently pushed his claws into the dirt as his eyes studied the flowers before him. A wall of grass rose above his head not too far away, but something else dwarfed even that. A huge Pokemon towered above him, and he had to sit back on his hind legs to crane his head up to look at it. A Kangaskhan stood before him, looking furious. "Lin!" it squeaked, toppling backwards in surprise and horror. Twisting around on the ground, he got himself back on his four feet, and took a step back, starting to quiver. He got himself under control within a few seconds, but it wasn't as easy as usual.

Danni could see right away that Linoone was studying the Kangaskhan intently, looking for the most vulnerable spot to attack. She smiled slightly. She sure didn't know enough about Kangaskhan to tell her Pokemon where to attack, but if she at least gave him an attack, she thought he could figure stuff out for himself. "Linoone, get in for a quick Slash, where it would hurt the most, but don't linger. Get out of range as quickly as you can."
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