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Default Re: Individual RP: Bumblebee

OOC; You know what it is.
( And they're underground. It's only dirt and ground, like I explained in an earlier post. No machines, so I had to disregard a lot of your post. :/ )

Abandoned Power Plant
Ranger Elijah & Trainer Axel

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

It didn't seem as if Axel was listening to the Ranger drone on and on. More so, he seemed lost in his own world. Perhaps he was taking the initiative to think up a new plan. It was then that the group was closing in on the end of the tunnel. Shadow's flame lit up the surroundings, revealing there was no where else for the Jolteon to run.

The electric Pokemon turned, barring his teeth. He didn't like to be cornered, especially when he was close to his "treasure". There was only one way to escape - and he was going to do it.

Shadow growled, opening his long muzzle. The ball of flame which had kept the cavern lit expanded, causing Jolteon to flinch away from the brightness. As soon as the almond shaped eyes closed, the Houndoom saw its chance to use Nasty Plot. He glowed a mysterious white, lighting up even the two demon-like horns sprouting from his head.

However, Jolteon wasn't giving up. There wasn't going to be a chance for failure. He charged, throwing all his weight into a Quick Attack.

It was then that Shadow let forth a burst of flame, barreling through the cavern and splashing up the sides of the wall. Elijah and Lonnie stepped back from the immense heat. Alas! Jolteon had been able to perform one more astounding feat. Just as it had burrowed downwards, it seemed it could also use Dig when going up! The electric dog burst through a hole in the top of tunnel, emerging with only a slight burn on its hind legs.

"Come on," the Ranger shouted, pushing his way past Shadow and to the hole. The odd colored Jumpluff helped push his master up to reach the opening. "Oh... wow..."

They had emerged into another room in the Abandoned Power Plant. This one however, was already occupied by the three sleeping Shinx.


"They're like his children? Is that why...?" It all made sense now! Jolteon had been stealing from the Delibird to feed the little Shinx. It was apparent that the Jolteon had made the tunnels as well, to avoid being spotted. "Hey Axel," Elijah called, "if you're planning on capturing Jolteon, make sure you have a plan to help the Shinx out later, okay?"

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Battle Stats;

Wild Pokemon;
Jolteon [Male, Volt Absorb, ???]
[Used Quick Attack + Dig - erupted up into the next room]
[Attack + 1, Def - 1 and Speed + 5]

Your Pokemon
Shadow the Houndoom [Male, Flash Fire, Gentle]
[Used Nasty Plot + Flamethrower (Missed from Dig)]
[Special Attack + 2]

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Current Stats;

Trainer; Axel Grey
Location; Abandoned Power Plant
Area Effects; It is cold out; the Power Plant is fairly spooky; Porygon disk used; Max Potion used; Houndoom is functioning as a lantern. Delibird appeared.
Encounters Remaining; 5

Pokemon Stats;

Shyde the Gliscor [Male, Sand Veil, Brave]
(TM Earthquake & TM Brick Break.)
[In Pokeball]

Shadow the Houndoom [Male, Flash Fire, Gentle]
[In Battle]

Chompers the Garchomp [Male, Sand Veil, Hardy]
(TM Stone Edge.)
[In Pokeball]

Aquos the Floatzel [Male, Swift Swim, Calm]
[In Pokeball]

Fang the Crobat [Male, Inner Focus, Calm]
(BM/MT Hypnosis & Heat Wave.)
[In Pokeball]

Total Items; Hyper Balls (6x), Max Potion (1x), Full Heal (2x), Type Repellant (2x), and Mega Puffin (1x), Pokeplayer (1x) & Digital Camera (1x), Picture of Raikou.

Total Pokemon Seen; Golbat x 2, Koffing, Porygon, Shinx x 3, Medicham, Raikou, Jolteon

Total Captured Pokemon; [Porygon, Trace, Timid - 27%, Sleeping]

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
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