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Default Re: Individual RP: Fierce Deity

"Togekiss, use Air Slash!"

The switch was fast. Togekiss burst out of its ball ready to use the Air Slash commanded by its trainer. Togekiss flew up high without the confused Gastly realising. Within a matter of seconds the Pokemon flapped its wings as narrow strips of air glided down like knives.

The strips moved faster and faster until they had hit Gastly. The Ghost Pokemon screamed as more slices came down each feeling like a knife being stabbed into different parts of Gastly’s body. Although each seemed to wear off fairly quickly.

As Gastly recovered it swayed around not knowing where it would go until it had smashed into a nearby tree. Spiritomb had become successful.

Total Pokemon Encountered:
Gastly [Naughty] | 28% [Con]
Claydol [Brave] | 100%
Honchkrow, [Rash] | 5% [PAR]
Unown, N/A, [Docile] | 100%
Mime Jr, F, Filter [Sassy] | 7%

Total Pokemon Captured:
Mime Jr, F, Filter [Sassy] | 7%
Honchkrow, [Rash] | 5% [PAR]

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