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Default Re: Indiviual RP: Lunar Wing

Luna held in her breath as she walked over the lush grass towards the local outpost. This night, it was one of the beautifullest she had ever seen. Maybe it was because of this place which seems to have some kind of mystic air around it or maybe it was just her excitement that she was finally going in the famous National Park. What ever it was Luna feld great as she walked there and so did Yue who was walking beside her as usual. The black Pokémon seemed to relax as they moved further and further in the black night, the yellow rings on her legs and forhead glowed faintly for a moment and then the light faded away.

They approached the outpost and Luna could see a man standing in front of it. He was huge, compared to her but actually so was almost everyone. He was wearing military jacket and pants that made him look even bigger. She brushed her hair out of her face, glanced a moment to Yue and smiled. This was it, who knew what kind of Pokémons they would encounter tonight. She walked to the man.

"Eh, hello?" Her voice sounded fragile but she was not scared.

Well hello! I'm sorry for that, but you are really petite compared to me. My name is Marth, ranger Marth. Nice to meet you, Luna!" The ranger said while he offered her his hand.

Luna smiled. "It doesn't matter sir. Nice to meet you to." She said while she accepted the hand. Her small, blank hand seemed to disappear in his big one but never the less she gave (or tried to give) a frim handshake. Then she let go and moved her hand to Yue.

"This is Yue, sir. She is my trusthworthy companion." She said smiling as Yue sad down and scratched her ear with her leg.

Luna looked up to the sky for a moment. With this Ranger and with her Pokémons this was going to be a great night, she just knew it.

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