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Default Re: Santa's Elves Are Calling YOU!

Gifting gun6 with this.

Arcanine Killer/Female/Pick Up or Gluttony
Battle Record: 0
Hold Item: - - -None- - -
Special Moves: Attract, Giga Impact, Iron Tail, Protect, Rain Dance, Return, Secret Power, Shadow Claw, Surf, Seed bomb, Extremespeed.
Obtained: Summer '09 Gift from Marth

luke39 with this.

James/Male/Own Tempo or Oblivious
Battle Record: 10
Hold Item: - - -None- - -
Special Moves: HM Surf, HM Waterfall
Obtained: Summer '09 Gift from Eraizaa-kun

Fever with this.

Battle Record: 2
Hold Item: - - -None- - -
Special Moves: TM Return, TM Rock Slide, SM Quick Attack, SM Refresh
Obtained: Trade with LOLgg

I'm not sure if you've already obtained a Tauros, But I do know you've always wanted one, or at least mentioned to me that it was in your top wanted list? I know its not much, but I wanted to gift you something <3<3<3

Poke123 with this.

Metagross/Genderless/Clear Body
Battle Record: 6
Hold Item: - - -None- - -
Special Moves: TM Aerial Ace, TM Earthquake, MT Icy Wind, MT Trick
Obtained: Trade with Dark Lightning

One of my best friends in Pe2k. We took part in many FFAs and what not, and you helped me out whenever I needed them(esp in reffing). This is nothing much, but a token of our friendship. Thanks a lot dude, and hopefully, I'd get you something better next time! :)

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