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Default Re: National Park Sign Up

~ Name ~
Ragnarok Vortex [a.k.a. Ragna]

~ Age ~

~ Gender ~

~ Personality ~
Ragnarok is the kind of person who bases his personality depending on how his Pokemon reacts to every situation that revolves around the Pokemon. Despite Ragnarok's randomness, he is often serious at most cases in life while at other times, he always feel like joking around with his Pokemon. During adventures, such as travelling, etc., Ragna is pretty much of an observant person who would observe every inch of the road just so that it could get some clues and whatnot. During breaks, Ragna would spend most of its time with its Pokemon, bonding with them, because Ragna would like his Pokemon to be even more closer to him so that it could easily follow any commands Ragna would make.

~ Description ~
He kind of looks like this:

You're gonna click me THIS INSTANT!! =o

~ Pokemon Captured ~
[Porygon] = [Muk]

~ Pokemon's Natures ~
[Serious Scizor] = [Hardy Roserade] = [Docile Froslass] = [Calm Togekiss] = [Gentle Alakazam] = [Gentle Espeon] = [Careful Metagross]

~ Fun Notes/Trivias ~

Ragnarok [a.k.a Ragna]'s last name, Vortex, came from one of my stories and was randomly made.

Honestly speaking, I just made Ragna's personality the same with mine. That's how I act with my friends [just change the Pokemon there to my friends XD].

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~ Credit to myself for making the Finnel avvie & banner! ~

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