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Default Re: Individual RP: Redino987

OoC: hm... you truly could've done much better.


Redino was disgusted at the Ghost' Pokemon actions- how sneaky, how dare it have some kind of strategy other than blind attacking and hoping it'll go for the best? "Absol, use Stone Edge, now!" the human ordered.

The lush Dark Pokemon focused its strength, stomping his paw on the ground, cracking it. Stones flew up, surrounding the Pokemon, and with a swing of its head blade, the Catastrophe Pokemon sent them rocketing to his opponent.

Who, being telegraphed its opponent's move, didn't waste any time setting up a counter-attack. The swirling mass of its body seemed to take a turn for the darker end of the spectrum scale, as a whirlwind of malevolent energy surrounded it. An almost tangible, oddly purplish wind started blowing, wrapping itself around the sealed, floating Pokemon to defend itself, creating an ominous tornado on which the Stone Edge bounced off harmlessly...

Or maybe not. The attack, now disrupted, was caught in the tornado, and so the rocks added to the potential danger of the Ominous Wind, slowly crumbling to smaller debris...


Area: Rock surface, everybody is trapped in an energy cage. An Ominous tornado is surrounding the Spiritomb, with added chunks of rock thanks to Absol's Stone Edge. The tornado is quickly expanding and will start hitting Absol

Encounter #7

Spiritomb 100% (??/??/??) (Using Ominous Wind)

Trainer Stats:
Name: Redino Xenerous
Location: Meteor Valley
Total Items: 8 hyper balls, 9 Max Potions


Outside its Pokeball: Absol(M)(brave) 63.11%
Super Luck
TMs/HMs/BMs/SMs/MTs: TM Stone Edge, TM Shadow Claw, TM X-Scissor, TM Iron Tail, TM Rock Tomb, TM Aerial Ace, TM Giga Impact, TM Protect, TM Fire Blast, TM Flamethrower, TM Hail, TM Ice Beam, TM Blizzard, TM Substitiute, TM Thunderbolt, TM Calm Mind, TM Will-O-Wisp, TM Thunder, TM Dream Eater, TM Sleep Talk, TM Dark Pulse, MT Superpower, MT Icy Wind

~Ninjask(M) (calm)
Speed Boost
TMs/HMs/BMs/SMs/MTs: TM Protect, TM Roost

Pokemon Caught:
Rash Poochyena (Quick Feet)
Bashful Grumpig (Thick Fat)

Previous Encounters:
#1 Abra- Fainted
#2 Male Rash Poochyena - Caught
#3 Male Bashful Grumpig - Caught
#4 Unown - Trainer fled
#5 Unown - Tainer fled
#6 Chingling - Trainer fled
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