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Default Titus [PG-13]

-Ready for Grading-
Pokemon: Horsea
Characters: 21,882


Chapter 1: Helena of Troy

Ominous clouds grumble through out the afternoon sky, as beams of sunlight dove through the pours of the leaden, dark towers of overcast. The sound of waves crashing echoed as the ocean rammed into the rocky cliffs. The small, stone built city of Troy lay awake, cautious of the over passing storm. A loud pitter-patter of steps were heard on the stone paved roads of the city as a young man in his early twenties ran down the streets. His long, entwined hair shimmered as it reflected the sun’s golden yellow, and lightly shadowed his nose, which covered his upper lip. He ran with haste in his brown sandals, which climbed all the way up to his calves. He wore his archetypical knee length skirt, and white, linen shirt just as any other middle class man wore. He dashed past empty stores, locked up houses, and abandoned courtyards. The man finally approached a courtyard that was elevated by a few feet; and there she was, a woman so beautiful it was luck that kept her from Aphrodite’s wrath. Her gold locks of hair danced restlessly in the soft breeze, her eyes had to have been made out of sapphires, for there was no other way eyes could have shimmered like hers did. Her pearly white, silk dress complimented the waves her body created as she sat with tranquility on the stone wall. The smooth skin of her hand gently brushed a blossoming Roselia that was just as beautiful as she was. She hummed a soft tune as if the Muses had played it straight from her throat. The man looked up at her in awe as he softly said,

Oh Helena, you stole my charred heart which is all that is left after the burning ambition I have had for years. My soul is but rocks at the bottom of a sea of tears that I have wept over not having you. My passion is the fire that rages through the night that keeps the innocent alive and pure. My love for you is a whirlpool, twisting and twirling, always moving, ever-changing, but never-ending. I would fight for your love; kill an entire army of Persians and Egyptians just to be with you. I think about you day and night, I see your face in the heavens every time I look up, I see you in the ocean every time I walk by the beach; and I see you now looking down on me as I wait for your final verdict. Will you be mine, oh Helena?”

Helena looked down with an enigmatic face. Then she sneered, her eyebrows lowered and her smile dimmed as she said,

“I would never stoop as low as to marry a formal slave. How many times have I told you this, Titus, I’m not interested.” Titus’s heart sank deep within his chest. The tips of his eyebrows lifted as he said,

“But, I love you, just give me a chance and I can prove to you, just like I proved my slave master that I am worthy. I’ll do anything; I’ll fight off any man who stands in my way of the precious jewel of the Gods.”

“Precious jewel?” Helena questioned.

“You, of course, why I would kill, I would leap off of a cliff, I would steel, I would sell everything I own, I would even-“

“Would you catch me a Horsea?” Titus was puzzled.

“You mean those little seahorse Pokemon in the sea? You… don’t want gold or clothes-“

“No, I have all of those things. I just want the perfect little water Pokemon to accompany me and Roselia here. Find me, and catch me a Horsea and then I’ll think about marrying you.”

Titus’s face gleamed with excitement; he had never had a chance like this before. He thought it was easy, just a little Horsea how hard could it be? Titus didn’t give time to say ‘goodbye’, or ‘okay’, he was too busy running off to the shore to find a cute, tiny Horsea.

As he was running to the shore, a tall, dark, vile figure spurred from the shadows of a nearby merchant shop. Two slender fiery eyes burned menacingly as they seamed to watch Titus run down to the shore. A Houndoom growled lowly behind the pillar of shadows that plotted out its next evil conspiracy. A stomach churning chuckle echoed faintly as the shadow faded into the darkness from where it originated.

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