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Default Re: National Park Sign Up

Name: Hayes Ruishe

Age: 15

Gender: Male

Personality: Hayes is the kind of person who will avoid any awkward situations and will try consistently to make sure his actions have never been done before him. He has an inner monologue and has a bad habit of biting his fingernails until his fingers hurt which have plagued him since he was very young. Hayes' Favorite Pokemon is Cradily and his favorite type is grass, contrary to his preference of technology over nature.

Description: Don't Click! Press.
He is 5"1' and weighs 124 lbs. His hair is blond, his eyes are a shifting tone of blue, and he is adept in technology.

Cradily (Jolly)
Bronzong (Hardy)

Interesting Facts: He hates ninjas. (Especially Orange ones!)
He pretends to be lactose intolerant so he can avoid milk.
And he once hacked into a Pokemon center PC using only some wires, a string, and and some water. The water was later used to combat dehydration.
Everything here is true with the exception on two things:
1. Don't Click! Press. I do not actually own a shirt that small. xD
2. The entire Interesting Facts section. (Wait... What?)


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