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Chapter 3: A Deed is Done

Thunder rolled lowly throughout the clouds in the humid mid-afternoon air foreshadowing a violent storm. Titus quietly crept inside the stone built palace. He now had on an armored chest, and his belt carried a silver dagger. He carefully glanced behind every corner, making sure that no one was there before he dashed silently across rooms until he reached the main garden. There were a few slaves in tattered clothes, finishing up their jobs for that day. They looked tired and had scars on their shoulders and backs from multiple lashes. This made Titus’s lip curl as he became for infatuated with the thought of this land lord dead. Titus was about to go search another room when a wealthy looking man walked in the garden from the opposite corner of Titus. The man wore a linen skirt and shirt, but with gold braces and a gold belt, golden knee length sandals, and a golden laurel that covered his short, black, curling hair. He stood and smiled as he said,

“Alright slaves, it’s too late to work, you’ll have to just finish bright and early in the morning.” The slaves stopped their work and quickly hustled around to put all of the tools back from where they came from. One of the slaves said,

“Yes, master Kyros.” Titus’s eyes brightened as the slaves hurried around. This was it, this was the moment. Titus leaped from behind the corner and shouted,

“You, Kyros, I challenge you to a duel to the death, right here, right now!” Titus grabbed his dagger and pulled it out of its sheath and pointed it right at Kyros. The tip of the dagger glimmered as it had been recently polished by Titus to intimidate his opponent. Kyros was awestricken with this absurdness. He thought Titus was insane, some of the slaves yelped in being startled by Titus, but Titus stood firm, determined to kill Kyros. Kyros turned and grabbed a scythe from one of the gardening shelves and said,

“Alright, I will never turn down a simple quest as to kill a nobody in the middle of my home.” He grabbed two Pokeballs from behind his belt and threw them. “Let’s go, Golem and Nidoking!” The two Pokeballs opened up with bright beams descending to the ground. A giant rock Pokemon appeared next to a humongous purple beast. Titus scoffed at the two monsters that were glaring right at him. He also threw two Pokeballs and said,

“Alright, let’s do it, Altaria and Swampert!” His two Pokeballs unlatched and opened revealing the same blue, cloudy, bird from before, and a large, blue, beast.

Outside there was a tall, stone pillar where Hades was sitting. He watched as he petted his Houndoom, who was lying across his lap.

“Oh this ‘otta be good.” A still silence plagued the enclosed garden as tensions rose. Swampert growled calmly as Nidoking took in slow and heavy breaths. Finally Titus broke the silence by yelling,

“Altaria, use your Dragonbreath!” Not a millisecond past before Kyros also yelled,

“Nidoking, counter it with your Poison Sting attack!” Altaria took in a deep breath and then let out a tremendous array of blue and yellow energy flares as Nidoking released a barrage of shinning pins which collided in midair obliterating each other.

“Keep it up Altaria, now, Swampert, use your Hydro Pump on Nidoking to stop it!” Titus commanded as Swampert shot out a giant pool of water.

“Golem use Protect around you and Nidoking; Nidoking use your Earth Power attack on Swampert!” Golem raised its hands as a multicolored barrier surrounded itself and Nidoking. The Hydro Pump hit the force field, but did nothing. Nidoking roared and stopped on the ground and cracks and crevasses appeared beneath Swampert. Titus reacted quickly and said,

“Swampert get out of the way fast!” Swampert jumped, but not soon enough. The ground erupted randomly around Swampert as it cried out in pain.

“Altaria, use your Parish Song, Swampert do your Earthquake attack!” Altaria started singing a loathsome song painfully as it battered all the Pokemons ear drums. Swampert fought past the song and slammed its giant hands on the fragile ground as it shook violently. The building was obviously not made for this kind of treatment as parts of it started to collapse. Rocks fell from the ceiling and one of them fell right onto Nidoking, flattening it and making it unable to pursue the battle. Altaria's song enhanced the chaos that havocked the battle; some of the slaves were crying out in tears thinking this was the end. Kyros yelled over Altaria and the earthquake as he commanded,

“Golem shut that thing up with Rock Slide!” Golem rammed into the wall of the garden as rocks collapsed on top of Altaria as it screamed in terror. Altaria was buried, past out, beneath the stones. Titus scowled and glared at the Golem.

“Swampert, use Ice Beam on that Golem!” Swampert let out a spray of a light blue beam that hit Golem on its right arm. Golem’s arm and half of the right part of its body was frozen solid. It fell over exhausted and unable to continue the battle.

Titus looked right at Kyros who was stunned by loosing the battle. Titus pointed his dagger again and said,

“Swampert, use you Hydro Pump to clear a pathway to Kyros.” Swampert let out another stream of water as it inundated the garden and slammed the rocks that had fallen from the ceiling onto the back wall. Titus ran across the field with his dagger in hand as he yelled out,

“This is for all the slaves you’ve murdered, you greedy bastard!” Titus dashed toward Kyros as Kyros tried to reason by saying,

“But I-” It was too late. Titus had rammed his sword straight threw the belly of Kyros. Kyros gasped for air, but choked. He hiccupped a pool of blood and fell to his knees. Titus watched Kyros fall as he vaguely saw the blur of a white figure standing in a doorway to his left. He then heard a bloodcurdling screech as he sharply turned. There was Helena, standing with her eyes wide open, mouth a gape, and tears streaming down her face as she shrieked,

“Father!” She rushed over to Kryos’s dying body and held him as he said softly,

“Helena… my… daughter…” His body then became limp and he died. Helena sat there weeping as Titus stood over, watching in horror, stunned in actions. And from outside came a wretched guffaw.

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