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Default Gym Tourney Round 1

Olivine City vs Goldenrod City
Fuschia City vs Navel Island

Canalave City vs Petalburg City
Cinnabar Island vs Dewford City

Mauville City vs Vermillion City
Viridian City vs Fortree City

Rustboro City vs Mossdeep City
Cianwood City vs Blackthorn City

Snowpoint City vs Pastoria City
Mikan Island vs Violet City

Mahogany Town vs Cerulean City
Pewter City vs Oreburgh City

Sootopolis City vs Ekruteak City
Eterna City vs Sunnyshore City

Rules are:
3 v 3
No Holds
Normal Weather/Terrain
Sleep/Freeze/OHKO Clause

You have 10 days to complete these battles. A reminder though, you can't change your gym lineup anymore except from rent to own.
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