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Default Re: The Canalave Library

How Venemoth and Butterfree came to be

Back in the days of yore, when there were still very few Pokemon, there lived in a forest a small green and tan female caterpillar with a small red antenna on its head named Caterpie. There was also a somewhat larger, purple, hairy, bug-like, male creature with two feet, and two white antennae named Venonat. These two were the best of friends, and played together ever day. Venonat's parents, two beautiful butterflies named Bulee and Bulo. Caterpie's parents were two less-than-attractive moths named Vena and Veno. The parents were also friends of each other, and the two families spent much time together.

One day, though Caterpie had promised to come out to play, Venonat couldn't find her anywhere! "Caterpie," He called into the trees and brush, "Where did you go? You promised you would play today!"

A quiet reply came from deep within the brush. "I know I did, Venonat, but...," said the voice in the bush, which sounded somewhat depressed. "I can't right now."

"Why not?" Venonat asked as she started looking through a small bush, "It's not like it could be impossible for you to move right now."

"Actually...I can't...Literally," Caterpie said to her friend. Venonat soon found out why Caterpie couldn't move.

"You, you're different!" He called to "Caterpie," who was now much different. More stiff, and had less features than before. "What happened to you?"

"I don't know." The former caterpillar said sadly. "All of a sudden, I just somehow changed. My mom and dad said it was called evolution, and that I am now a Metapod. They also said that I would one day be like them, but..."

"But what?" The Venonat interrupted, What could possibly be bad?"

"Well..." The Metapod said quietly, "I don't want to look like my parents. I want to be beautiful one day, like your parents."

Hearing this, Venonat decided to go somewhere he knnew he would be able to ask for help. When he told his parents, they said that there was a cave far to the east that if you were to travel deep inside and make a wish, it would be granted. Hearing this, and wanting to help his friend, he decided to travel there, hoping that the story was true.

Arriving at a cave, Venonat went inside. After travelling to the end, he met a new Pokemon "Hello," it said, "my name is Jirachi. Since you have bravely made it through this cave, I will grant you one, and only one, wish. Choose carefully."

"Um..." Venonat uttered, "Well, I have this, and she isn't happy with what she will evolve into. So I was wondering...could you maybe switch what we evolve into?"

"A kindhearted request," Jirachi announced, If you are sure that is what you wnt, then your wish is now granted."

Venonat then left the cave. Soon after, both he and Metapod evolved. However, they looked like each other's parents, and all after them.


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