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Chapter 4: Deceiving

Titus was frozen still, in shock of what he just did. He managed to spit out a few words as he said,

“But… he was a violent slave owner…” Helena sharply turned toward him with a look that would scare the Gods.

“NO, he bought slaves from violent slave owners and gave the slaves a home to be and feel safe at! Kyros was a great man, but you! You’re just a coldhearted, idiotic murderer! I asked for a Horsea that I didn't even want, yea that's right I only told you to get me one so you would leave me alone!” She yelled at him with tear filled eyes and a hateful, raspy voice. The maniacal laughter from outside continued as it echoed in Titus’s ears. His face went from struck with reality, to revenge and instantly turned and ran away from the bloody scene abandoning his fallen Pokemon. He ran outside into the courtyard where Hades sat. Titus screamed up at him,

“You lied to me, you tricked me, and you broke our contract!” Hades pause his laughter for a moment to reply,

“No, I never broke the contract. The contract clearly states,” he flipped his wrist and the contract appeared with a quick puff of smoke and flames, “that, ’You, Titus, must go up to Kyros’s palace and kill him and in return I with give to you, Horsea.’ Now I never broke anything in there now did I?” Hades smiled smugly as maggots crawled through the gaps in his teeth.

“But what about all that talk about how Kyros was a terrible slave owner who beat and killed his slaves every night, and the Red Sea was made from the blood of his slaves?” Titus said, trying to coax Hades out of what he really did. Hades chuckled lightly as he said,

“Oh yea, I lied about that. Well here are your two horses.” Hades snapped and two horse skeletons burst from smoke next to the two of them. Titus looked confused.

“What, horses? No, you were supposed to get me a Horsea.” Titus said getting angrier. Hades sighed and sarcastically looked at Titus as he retorted,

“In the contract the ‘a’ at the end of what you think says 'Horsea' is a little scribbled, but it’s actually an ‘s’. So here are your two horses! Sorry that they’re not fresh, but then again you didn’t ask for live ones. Tough luck kid, that’s what you get from being an idiot chump like you. Now, if you will excuse me, I have to go back to the underworld, I have souls, or should I say soul, to deal with.” Hades laughed as he glided away into another smoke portal with his Houndoom fallowing him like his shadow.

Titus progressed slowly down to the beach. He loafed around thinking about what had just happened. The town would be after him pretty soon, he did just kill a very wealthy man and a goodhearted one at that. He looked up at a cliff that hung high above the dangerous sea below. He thought about jumping off of it, to escape this feeling of sunken woe. He could just picture it; he wouldn’t really jump, but instead look up at the heavens, open his arms, and fly. He would fly with the wind humming in his ears, whispering words of solitude as he glided down, soaring to the waters surface. It would humbly grasp his body in a splash of ambition to release his spirit from this chained up body. His soul would be freed and zestfully fly to the corners of the Earth, live in warmth, and grace, and never be seen again.

Suddenly something caught Titus’s eye. He turn and looked at the shore where the Horsea from before was floating. It looked at his blood stained clothes sadly, as if it pitied Titus. Rage flushed throughout Titus’s body and he darted over to the Horsea. He was a few feet away from it as he yelled from the shoreline,

“This is your entire fault! If you would have just stayed in that stupid Pokeball I wouldn’t have been so desperate as to fall for Hades’s tricks and kill a good man!” Titus started throwing pebbles into the water trying to hit the Horsea, but missed most of them. Each time a pebble hit it, or the water the Horsea flinched, but never moved. It even started to well up tears and cry silently as Titus continued, “Helena and I still might’ve had a chance, you would’ve put us together and we would’ve lived in harmony, but no! You had to ruin it with your ink, and your desire to destroy people’s lives, their love, their innocence, their… everything! Go away and fall to your death you inconsiderate, vacuous minded, miniature, worthless, piece of shi*!” Titus ran out of pebbles, but still had the lust to throw something. Out of blind rage he threw a Pokeball at the Horsea, but turned and ran away as he was finished ranting. The Pokeball hit the Horsea and open up, swallowing the Pokemon in a subtle bright beam. It fell as it splashed in the water and began to vibrate side to side. Droplets of rain started to pour down on the city of Troy, thunder grumbled and rolled across the clouds in the evening sky, and Titus ran from the guilt that swallowed his righteousness, heart, and soul.

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