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Default Re: URPG Related Chat, Questions and Suggestions

Originally Posted by Shana2488 View Post
The Pokemon I'm referring to is my Magby and I caught him in a story. I realize I can't change the nature of traded ones, but what about Pokemon you've caught yourself through story or whatever? Can you change the nature of those Pokemon? Also, do the Pokemon you obtain through Story Deal have you as the OT or the person who bought them/captured them in the story as the OT?
"A Pokemon's Nature CANNOT be changed after it's been chosen, so pick wisely."

From the same thread, but it explains you can't change your own Pokemon's Nature once it has been decided, even if you are the OT.

Also, when you obtain a Pokemon from a trade, (which you do with Story deals), the one who wrote the story is the OT for the mon captured in the story - such as th person who bought the mon from the Mart is the OT for that Pokemon. :D