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Default Re: Mirror, Mirror; Chapter Three [WWC]

Mirror, Mirror; Chapter Three. [Entry for the WWC].

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Author's Note; Even though I wish I could be more menacing in the story, this chapter is more light hearted than the last (well, near the end, anyways). It would also be beneficial to read the first two chapters, although I do review them in here a bit. Not to mention, this chapter switches perspectives - again. Chapter one was Smoochum. Chapter two was Zubat and Nidoran M. Chapter three takes the perspective of a human cast, to give everything a bit more of a realistic twist.

Again, the Pokemon talk in italics, so don't be thrown off by lack of quotation when it comes to the inhuman cast.

Last note; this is my entry for the WWC. I hope it's something special.

The following material may not be suited for younger readers. Reader discretion is advised.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

She had been admiring her reflection in a pearl encrusted mirror for the better part of the day. It was now time to embrace the beauty that was simply known as Clair. Long strands of cornflower hair cascaded around caped shoulders while luminescent moons hung from pierced ears. Rosy lips pursed together to join the shimmering glass. She truly loved herself… Not to mention, she also loved the varied perks that went along with her title. Far be it for Clair to say that being the Gym Leader of Blackthorn City was enough, but she was also the one true Dragon Master. Clair held the title proudly, almost like a badge of honor. Of course, there was always Lance... Lance; who always seemed to get the better of her. Lance; who went out of his way to upstage her… How she hated the man with an intense passion!

"Damn him," the woman growled, throwing the expensive mirror across her decorative sitting room. Clair, in her early thirties, had always been in close rivalry to her cousin, Lance. Both were famed dragon tamers, known all over the Kanto and Johto regions. The one small difference between the two consisted of one continually beating the other. Clair had never won against the famous Lance and it irritated her to no end. Years had been spent training in the Dragon's Den, but they were to no avail. She had always made an attempt to suppress her raging emotions, but the anger currently bubbling to the surface was too much to bear. In a blinding fury, she hurled the first object her hands could clasp onto with a violent roar. First went her brush, followed by a handful of expensive perfume bottles from varied admirers.

Unknown to the raging woman, there stood one Draco Tom outside of her dressing room. Draco was a student of Clair's who had been training at her gym for the last few months. He and his Kingdra were progressing nicely, although he was still labeled as the resident newbie. This being the case, he was often assigned the most mundane of tasks. They usually consisted of running errands to the local PokeMart or retrieving whatever food was the flavor of the month. Yet today of all days, he was told to alert Clair about the disaster that happened within Icy Path. With shaking knees, he crouched outside the door. It was slightly ajar, so as each object hit the opposite wall, he clearly heard them crash. Draco paused momentarily to summon the courage necessary to peek into the sitting room.

"M-Master Clair?" the blonde began. "There's something going on at the PokeCenter. Nurse Joy asked for you an-" The stuttering boy of fourteen ducked as a crystal bottled labeled, 'Bellossom Beauty' shattered near his head.

"What's her problem, now?" Clair asked through gritted teeth. She didn’t like being interrupted when in one of her fits, let alone for something as ridiculous as one of Nurse Joy’s tasks.

"A trainer and a bunch of Pokemon were found in the Icy Path! Something's dead, too. And I hear th-"

"Dead? Oh good God..." The Dragon Master had snapped out of her selfish demeanor and gained a new perspective on the situation at hand. She marched out the door with her belt of Pokeballs in hand, ushering the apprentice to follow.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

It took the duo about fifteen minutes at a sprint to reach the destination. When they did, all they could do was gasp at the horror laid out before their eyes. The once pristine glass doors of the residential PokeCenter were caked with blood. It had been a hell of a struggle to bring in Pokemon and trainers a like, especially after carting them all the way from the Icy Path. Since Blackthorn was a relatively small city, the PokeCenter was empty on most days. Today however, they had four Pokemon in critical care as well as two trainers. The first was a woman in her early twenties, adorned with strawberry blonde hair and a dark garnet coat. Her trainer card read, ‘Meringue Limmon’. The second was a girl who barely looked thirteen. She was bawling uncontrollably at the sight she stumbled upon in the chilly cave. When she had reached the PokeCenter, she burst into tears, explaining what she had seen. Nurse Joy, a woman who looked twenty or so with braided crimson hair, immediately sent out an army of Chansey to round up the survivors.

The Chansey, who were the resident caretakers of the facility, returned with plenty of injured patients. This led the little girl to let out a wail. Seemingly traumatized, the young trainer was being consoled by a small, round woman with frayed grey hair. She smiled sweetly, the wrinkles on her face coming together as she patted the girl's knee. She was too old to be the head nurse. Perhaps she was Nurse Joy's grandmother?

"I'm here, Nurse Joy!" Clair's voice echoed through the PokeCenter, reaching all corners of the waiting area. The old woman and the girl, apparently named Gina, turned to look at the Gym Leader. The elder stood from her position of kneeling by Gina's side, and waddled across the stained linoleum floor to the flushed duo.

"I am Nurse Janine," she said. "You're Clair, right? I remember your grandfather used to run the Blackthorn Gym back in the day. He was quite the-"

"Please, ma'am," Clair groaned, regaining her breath slowly. "I need to see Nurse Joy. There was an emergency, yes?"

"Oh dear, call me Janine," the woman smiled. "But yes. My granddaughter Joy is in the back. I'd show you the way, but this little girl here," she pointed to the raven haired child currently sobbing in badly patterned chairs, "needs my help."

"Draco here will help her." The Gym Leader shoved her apprentice to the side. She stepped forward, taking the hand of the elderly woman to pull her away from the scene. With a slight tug, the two left the crying girl in the incapable hands of Draco Tom.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

"This way, dear," Janine said, motioning for the Dragon Master to follow.

Clair obeyed in silence; taking more interest in her surroundings than the orders she was given. In mere moments, they passed through an ugly pink hall on the way to the trauma ward. It was littered with diamond shaped tiles the color of a summer's eve. The fluorescent lights above flickered as Clair's pointed boots made gentle clacking sounds, echoing with each step. It had been a long time since she had stepped into the back of the Pokemon Center... and by the dilapidated looks; it had been longer than she remembered.

"Keep up," the old woman commanded, gesturing forward with her hands.

The Dragon Master shook her head violently, as if to snap out of a terrible dream. With an unsteady gulp, she attempted to regain a brave posture to follow her guide down the hall.

"Here we are," Janine whispered, pointing an arthritic finger into the next room. From the door way, a bright light - one almost blinding in nature, poured into the hall.

Clair stepped forth, listening to the commotion to get an idea of what lay ahead. She didn't dare look... not quite yet.

"HERE! I NEED THE BANDAGES NOW! NO, NOT THE CAUTERIZING GUN, CHANSEY!" A frantic voice, filled with frustration and impatience echoed into the hall. It was a woman's voice; one that was cracking under the intense pressure.

"Chansey," a second voice wailed. This one sounded as if it were going to break and turn tearful.

"They've been at this for hours," Janine explained, letting her curved back rest against the salmon plaster of the wall. "I know you're not trained medically or anything... but I think my sweet Joy could use an extra set of hands at this point. Mine are too old to do much good."

Clair only nodded before taking a step into the unknown. As her deep set eyes adjusted to the light, all she could do was try to swallow a scream. The hideous pink walls were coated in a film of dark crimson. The once white cabinets that lined the walls were stained yellow and orange from the excessive splatter. Five gurneys had been shoved into the small room, and in an attempt to make them fit, they were positioned in varying angles. Limp bodies hung over the sides, often entangled with the discolored sheets. Three of the four Pokemon looked to be conscious. A blue rabbit, curled into a fetal position was rocking back and forth while loose bandages hung over his left eye. This Azumarill was closest to the door, and seemed to be the most unharmed.

Nurse Joy and the highly unsteady Chansey were focused on a battered human-like Pokemon. She was breathing heavily, her torn dress heaving up and down with each intake. Her right arm was being held by the Chansey, who had one stubby paw on the Jynx and one on the adjacent stainless steel cart. Joy, whose hair had fallen from the usual two plaits, had a pair of dirty gloves covering her hands. They held a large glass container as well as a strand of surgical tubing.

"Hold her down," Joy screamed, twisting and turning with the flailing Jynx. "I need to get the poison out of her THIS INSTANT!"

Rapid tears poured from the protesting Chansey's face. It was obvious she hadn't been under this sort of pressure before.

Jynx's only response was a wheeze of her own name as she struggled to break free.

"NOW, DAMNIT!" Joy pushed Chansey aside, only to plunge the thin surgical tube into a swollen purple arm. In seconds, milliliters of thick, oozing poison crawled up the tube and emptied out into the glass jar which had found its way to the steel cart.

Jynx instantly stopped her retaliation and allowed the milky green substance exit her wounds. Her large, fuchsia eyes closed in relief.

"ZU-ZU!" It seemed that the small blue bat had awoken; and he too, began to thrash around. Piercing screeches echoed in all directions, causing those conscious to cover their ears. Lacerations covered the lithe body, creating a burning sensation which riddled the bat whenever he touched another surface. Bright purple wings flapped continually as the exhausted Nurse ran quickly to attend to the patient. It was only then that Nurse Joy noticed the other woman standing in the door way.

"Come help me," she said with irritation. Nurse Joy motioned with bloody hands to come help hold Zubat down.

"I..." Clair stuttered. She had never been struck so speechless in all her years of Pokemon training.

As the screeching continued, Jynx and Azul tried desperately to understand Zubat's cries. All they could manage were garbled words and the repeat of to see.

What is it? Jynx asked, furrowing her brow in pain.


I don't understand...

Neither do I. What do you want? We'll try to help. Azul said in a soothing voice. He was trying to comfort the distressed Zubat, but it had little to no effect.

"Damnit, Clair!" Joy grunted, holding onto the struggling wings. They were slipping from her moist gloves, often slamming back into the gurney.

The Dragon Master was battling internally with herself. The brave, fearless Gym Leader within urged her to step forth and take charge - while the timid girl she once had been, begged her not to move an inch.

"Please," the Nurse moaned through gritted teeth as she attempted to maintain a steady grip on Zubat.

SEE! SEE! The little bat screamed, using the last of its strength to lift off from the table and squirm in the varied cardinal directions.

We don't understand, Azul said, sighing.

For Arceus' sake, can you just stop screeching? Jynx lifted a swollen purple hand and laid it to rest on her forehead. You're giving me a headache.

Joy's hands couldn't hold on much longer, eventually releasing the Zubat into the air.

To Clair, this was when everything slowed to a halt. Everything was going at one one-hundredth of the appropriate speed when she finally decided to help. It seemed as if the beings of space and time had conspired with one another to slow the clock down to prevent Clair from taking action.

The Zubat was poised in the air above the stressed nurse. Silent tears trailed down Chansey's face as dirtied gloves grasped for the escapee. Zubat wasn't having any of it, avoiding the human hands at all costs. He swerved to the left, smashing into the stained cupboards. They opened purely from the colliding force, spilling varied cotton swabs and tongue depressors onto the granite counter top. Each fell as if they were feathers, attempting to stay airborne as long as possible.

Clair looked at Nurse Joy, who was mouthing something, though she couldn't pinpoint what exactly what it was.

Blood found its way to the cluttered counter as Zubat tried to lift off. He heaved, adding to the mess in a slow motion splatter. His thin, pencil like legs held him up as the battered wings seldom used outside of battle, supported him while swaying in a hunched over manner.

Joy thought it was an opportune moment, figuring that she should leap for the bat, rather than clamor around aimlessly. The red headed nurse looked like a gruesome Superman as she jumped, flying over the numerous gurneys in her attempt for capture. Her fingers itched with anticipation as they neared Zubat's shuddering back. However, her dreams of grabbing Zubat were crushed as he took off again.

This time, the bat tumbled head over heels through the room, trying to get out.

Nurse Joy looked as if she was screaming obscenities but Clair was utterly deaf. The rabid woman clamored up the varied drawers to the slovenly counter as she readied herself for a second jump. What had once been white heels were now rose colored as they angled themselves on the edge. It was to allow Nurse Joy quite a distance as she took off from the familiar counter.

The waddling, weeping Chansey, who had previously been covering her eyes, looked up to see her master readying a jump for the dying Zubat. She waved her chubby hands frantically in vain, as Chansey was the last of Joy's concerns.

Well sculpted legs propelled the nurse over the fallen Nidoran M, as well as Zubat's abandoned gurney. Unfortunately, this was the point that all everything rushed back to Clair, making her realize the true extent of the damage. Sound came pelting back into her deaf ears, slaughtering the silence that once had been.

Zubat's finale would come with his final movement. His back arched, allowing him to swoop into a downwards spiral. Down and down he went, knowing that it was his last hurrah. The tiny fangs in Zubat's mouth shattered with a gruesome sound as they hit the linoleum. He twitched twice before the damaged body began to glow an unusual white color. The Pokemon's structure was changing at a rapid pace until a whole new Pokemon replaced the fallen Zubat. His wings were larger, spanning an extra foot in each direction. His ears shortened, giving him the appearance of a horned owl. However, the most noticeable difference was the addition of two, sharp eyes – located in the center of the indigo body. It was then Zubat understood what the Nidoran had tried to tell him in the Icy Path.

SEE... The former Zubat coughed, allowing more warm liquid to drizzle down the side of his open mouth. I UNDERSTAND WHAT IT IS TO SEE; ALL THESE WONDERFUL COLORS. THESE… THESE THINGS! I LIKE TO SEE. I LIKE…

Azul turned away, carefully tugging the yellowed bandages over his small, beady eyes. He didn't want to watch the Golbat drown in its own blood. The crinkled tail adorned with a sapphire orb wrapped around the water rabbit's body... as if it were offering some sort of protection.

"NO!" Joy screamed, flailing about as she began her descent. Her young body flattened as it hit the gurney below, crushing the one patient who was human. The nurse didn't bother to check Golbat at this point. Instead, she quickly peeled herself from Meringue Limmon's body after hearing a sickening crunch. "My God..." Joy gasped. "What have I done?"

After all the time spent idle, Clair finally reacted. Although years had been spent training to be the top fighter, the ultimate warrior; she couldn't have prepared herself for this. The woman turned and ran out of the chaotic room, falling to her knees when she reached the lobby.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

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