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Default Re: Mirror, Mirror; Chapter Three [WWC]

Several pointed heads appeared from the water, accompanied by glaring faces. It was apparent that a few sleeping Corsola had been awoken by the falling debris.

"Corsola," one bellowed, simultaneously glowing white in color. It seemed to be extremely angry at the fact someone had disturbed its sleep. It glared, eyes furrowed as it shook a peg leg to those on land in what was a crude gesture for a Corsola to make.

"What's it doing?" Draco asked, eying the coral Pokemon as it became a blinding light source.

"Oh no. No, no, no, no, no, no, no!" Clair whined.

"What? What are they doing?"

"Get down," the woman called, throwing herself to the floor of the Dragon's Den. She pulled her navy cape up to cover her face with her left hand, while the right grasped desperately onto the two Pokeballs containing the Luvdisc.

Draco took the advice of his mentor, copying her retreat. Both Melee and Azul joined him.


An earth shattering sound blast through the cave, followed by waves of water rushing over the sandy banks. Draco, being closest to the shore, was fully drenched. He lifted his head up from his arms, only to start coughing. A dusty smoke covered the area like a heavy winter blanket. "Wh-What was that," the boy choked.

"Explosion," Clair responded, sounding muffled. She must have still had her cape covering her mouth. "We need to leave, now befor-"


Two more Corsola exploded like car-bombs. It seemed that just one had started a so called 'suicide cult'. It also looked to have an endless supply of recruits. Through the thick haze, one could still see the bright outlines of Corsola in the water, preparing to explode.

"WE NEED TO GET OUT, NOW!" Clair stood, fumbling in the smoke for her apprentice. As soon as she grabbed Draco's wet shirt, she stumbled towards the exit, Melee and Azul following close behind.


The explosions were getting closer.

"Oh you've got to be kidding me!" Clair growled.

"What? What is it now?" Draco moaned, trying to grope the walls to lead him outdoors.

"They're following us. Out of the water and," she paused to cough. "And out onto land."

"You've got to be kidding me," the boy cried, following his master.

"I'm no-Ah!" Clair found the exit. The long tunnel they had entered the Dragon's Den through was now the long sought-after exit. However, even after a few yards, the explosions didn’t stop. In fact, even more were beginning.


The Corsola had followed the group into the tunnel, leaving no place to hide. Several smiled as they too, prepared for an Explosion. They hoped that this one would leave an impression, as the small, narrow path would provide for a hefty aftershock.


The sound was so low and deep, that it didn't occur for seconds after the initial explosion. A huge rush of wind came first, pushing the four out of the Dragon's Den. It was effortless, as if the group were made of paper. Along with the ruthless gusts came pebble-like debris, scratching and imbedding itself into exposed skin. Next came the wave of heat, rushing over the ravaged quartet. It singed wherever it could reach. Last but not least, was the billowing smoke. Thick, black smoke ran the length of the cave, smothering anything it could wrap around. Luckily for Clair, Draco, Azul and Melee, Rudolph was waiting at the exit with his Milotic, ready to transport them back to Blackthorn's Pokemon Center.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

The door of the PokeCenter slid open with its signature 'swoosh'. Janine was still patting Gina's hand as she lay unconscious on one of the entrance benches. It would be a while until the Hariyama with Smelling Salts arrived to wake her, but she would be alright in the mean time. As the door opened, Janine swiveled around to see four figures standing in the frame. They were covered in soot and ash, panting heavily. It looked as if they had also suffered minor burns.

Clair was the first to stumble into the main lobby. She held out a singed glove, palm facing upwards. In the shaking hand were two, minimized Pokeballs. They dropped to the tiled floor, rolling in separate directions. "Take them," she said with a hoarse voice.

Draco was once more acting as a prop stand to his master, but he was happy to do so. After such an ordeal, he was just glad it was over. Although one hand was supporting Clair, the other motioned for the weak Azumarill to step through the doors, followed by the burned Altaria.

"Chansey," Janine called, groaning as she attempted to stand.

Hearing her name, Chansey scooted down the hall and entered the lobby. She was just as out of breath as the quartet, despite the fact she only had to walk a few yards. As soon as she saw the Pokeballs, her fingerless hands bent downward to scoop them up. She cradled them against her round frame like precious eggs before returning to Nurse Joy.

Step by step, Chansey made her way down the hall, eying the Pokeballs cautiously. She didn't want to be blamed for anything that went wrong. As she neared the back room, Chansey could hear someone inside weeping. She peeked inside, holding the prized possessions closer.

Near the counter, on the opposite end of the room was Nurse Joy. Her hands were clutching the counter near the opened cabinets. Medical supplies were spilled over the granite. The bandages were rolling over the edge, acting like drapes. Tongue depressors were mixed with the cotton swabs while three beakers of varied liquids boiled in the corner. It was a sloppy attempt at preparation, but anything was welcome at this point.

"C-Chansey? Chansey, Chansey!"

The red-haired woman turned on her heels, wiping away the tears. Joy wasn't about to look weak in front of anyone, let alone her assistant. She smiled, puffy eyes still holding deep emotions. "What?"

"Chansey!" Her assistant looked down as pink hands held two Pokeballs.

"Wha? Are these...?" Joy wasn't able to complete her thoughts. She didn't think that they would succeed in the mission, let alone bring them by sundown.

"Chan," the Pokemon responded, nodding happily. She allowed Nurse Joy to snatch them from her cradled grasp.

"This is wonderful. I can't even..." The woman began to rummage through the junk displayed on the counter. She was looking for something, something to handle the Luvdisc with.

Chansey decided to leave, allowing the Nurse to begin work immediately. However, she couldn't help but linger at the door, wondering what would ensue.

Nurse Joy quickly pulled on thick black gloves, most often used with handling fire-breathing Pokemon or ones known to bite. With a shaky smile, she opened the two Pokeballs over the sink. It had been recently filled with lukewarm water in anticipation of the Luvdisc's arrival. Two bright flashes of red revealed the injured cure-all Pokemon, floating aimlessly in the water. They didn't look up to a struggle, but Pokemon were surprisingly resilient creatures.

As one gloved hand plummeted into the sink, the Luvdisc began thrashing about, pulling off magnificent underwater maneuvers to evade capture. However, the male Luvdisc soon began to tire, as he was the one who had battled longer. It wasn’t long before he just gave up.

Nurse Joy smiled, clutching the male. "Just one more. Just one more. Just one more."

The female Luvdisc began to panic at the sight of her mate being captured. She thrashed and flailed in the sink, attempting to blind the human with water spray. Though Joy was taken aback, she didn't call off her pursuit. Already weak from her battle with Azumarill, the female Luvdisc calmed down. She closed her eyes, waiting for what could be the end.

Chansey watched from the door, covering her eyes when deemed necessary. She could hear splashing and grunting coming from within... Finally, all was silent. The healing Pokemon couldn't stand to listen any longer. She turned, back facing the open door frame. Painful screams echoed the halls as Joy began the extraction process. Each Luvdisc cried for its mate with saddening pleas. Chansey decided it was best to hum a peaceful tune to block out the horrors of victory.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


It was days before Meringue and any of her Pokemon left the Center. Most of the time there had been consumed with idle chit chat and quiet recovery, as no one wanted to relive the experience. Everyone returned to full health, save for Golbat. He had passed away learning what sight was. Jynx and Azul considered it a noble way to die. Nidoran however, taking the loss of his friend harder than the others, refused to let go. He insisted to stay at the PokeCenter, waiting for Golbat to someday return.

After a brief funeral held outside the Icy Path for their fallen comrade, Meringue, Azul and Jynx continued on their way. Meringue didn't bother to challenge Clair's Gym, assuming that the more quickly they left Blackthorn, the more quickly they would put the experience behind them.

Clair returned to her Gym a much wiser and more compassionate person. Draco, who had been by her side for the journey, also grew emotionally. He wasn't the frightened kid he once was. No longer did he cringe when asked to do a daunting task. He now charged at it, willing to give his all.

Gina recovered with help from some Smelling Salts and promptly thanked Janine for being there. Then, she left without another word, in pursuit of becoming a holistic healer.

The two captured Luvdisc were released after being stripped alive for the majority of their scales. In the mean time, both Janine and Joy continued to work diligently at the PokeCenter, spending an unbelievable amount of effort attempting new cures. However, they still tended to Pokemon and trainers alike who had found themselves at a disadvantage in Clair's Gym.

When word of the incident spread, not many trainers were willing to go through the Icy Path. Most opted simply to fly to the city - or if they could afford it, drive. Yet, some of the braver children who attempted the frightening path have exited with a horrified look on their faces. It soon became a folk tale among the people of Blackthorn City that if you listened to the wind while standing at the exit of the Icy Path, you may hear;


The End

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
End Note; The end. It's the final chapter - and it took forever. I faintly recall wanting to die several times because of the sheer will it took to write so much...
Still happy with the outcome, though.

Thanks Sec, for the great one liners... And thank you Khajmer and Bee for being a synonym resource.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Pokemon Attempted; Luvdisc, Luvdisc & Azumarill.
40k to 70k Character Range.
(Both Luvdisc & Luvdisc are 10 - 20k.)
(Azumarill is 20 - 30k).
Character Count (Without Spaces); 60,500+
Character Count (With Spaces); 73,500+
((All character counts do not include Author's Notes or Divider Bars.))

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