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Default Re: *Enter the 5th Dimension!* *T.5.D.* *Preparing 4 War* (18/18) :D

Originally Posted by Mystery The Fated View Post
Eh? Umm I can see my last post from like a month ago on the previous page. Problems im presuming?

Not that its my place but a healthy suggestion to this (at first glance), sickly situation, would probably be to perhaps "merge" (yes, again) with a more stable clan, or perhaps even a more needy clan. There's safety in numbers, so they say.

Im sure other smaller clans wouldn't mind the idea of merging. As to who leads, that's up for debate. But collaborations seem like a more well endowed route to take. But that's just my thought/opinion. Take your fingers and make a fist mate. And when you do, LMSSI shall be waiting for you. Quite frankly im not for the "kick em while they're down" notion in this case. LMSSI has plenty of talent, and to be honest, we've got newer people with much potential waiting to be "broken in". They've got something to prove to you, and all of PE2K. We're needing the best of you all so they can show us (and everyone else) what they're made of.

Wierdly enough we've broken out our uber war team for our current war. And we wouldn't take that risk if there wasn't good cause behind it no? We've got faith in our new recruits (Monk's a beast). We (well I at least) are ready to bring out the Fated. Void your names well known around here. Im counting on you to get this clan in tip top shape by the time this wars over (yes, we like to do our wars in pairs, sue us.) Do this clan justice or be ready to meet our Infamous. Best of luck to you.
"Safety in numbers"? Lol, I'd beg to differ. Our clan is full up, and still this happened to us. Every single one of us have become inactive. Damn, even I out of all people only post once every few days (on PE2K, mind you, not the clan). I've actually considered closing down the clan, and perhaps even leaving PE2K myself. I mean, the Shoddy server always has problems, we almost never have tournaments, and the only way you can keep yourself occupied in here is being in an uncannily active clan like your's where people post every second, minute, and hour of the day. Some of the members of this clan hardly post here too, but I see them almost daily on Shoddy servers like TeamUber (OK, I'm getting a little off-topic here, aren't I?). Maybe the problem is that we all have lives (lol) and to run a successful clan, you need a few people who have no life. :p Just (unnecessarily) pointing out something here.

Anyway, what I really mean is, merging should be the last resort. I have plenty of other ideas though, as some members of the clan are easily accessible, so I can ask them to post here more. But seriously, I'd rather not merge again. Once was enough, thank you. Not to mention we lose our war record by merging, unless we keep the same name, and most clan leaders are very fond of their clan names. No, not for now, thank you. Thanks for actually caring about our clan and giving some suggestions though, I really appreciate it.

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