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Default IDEA: Prime the Power

Alright, I'm wanted to start to get back into writing because well, IDK. I had an old fan-fiction on a different site called "Prime the Power". It was one of the site's most favored fan-fics of all time and it recieved such good praise. When I was un-able to write anymore to it due to the site's deletion (thanks alot Peaches), I had around 69 chapters. I noticed that it was poorly written, but it had a good plot and I guess back then as long as fan-fics have good plots they're alright.

I'm wanting to re-make this and share the story that everyone on ZBCCG loved. It's going to have the same plot, but different places, new characters, and a more experienced author on board. I'm wanting to know if this would be a good idea to do.

Prime the Power


Harmova, a far away planet in a distant galaxy from our own planet, is home to creatures who have amazing, gifted powers that allow them to manipulate fire, ice, lightning, etc. These creatures are called “Mamodos” and these Mamodos exist on planet Harmova with a prime ruler known as the “Mamodo King” or “Queen” when the ruler is a female. These rulers are determined by hundred year battles that consist of one-hundred chosen mamodos that will battle it out across the planet Harmova for the pretigous title as “Mamodo King”. Some will even go as far as to kill others to achieve what they desire even though all they had to do is burn the mamodo's mystical source of power, the spell book. Prime Curvonulus, Prime for short, is one of the chosen mamodos and will go across the lands and seas of Harmova to battle against ninety-nine other mamodos that all want the same thing, the prime ruler throne.

With his green spell book in hand, Prime prepares for his journey to become Harmova Mamodo King.
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