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Default Re: Silver Aura Clan Recruiting(2/20)

Not deliberately trying to rain on your parade here, but I think that you should open your eyes a bit.
Take a look around the battling center, and look at the front page of successful clans. (i.e., The Deadly Legacy, Laughing Man's Society, The Eon Clan) You notice how their front pages are neatly organized and are very easy to follow and understand? I had to read over this a few times just to get what you were trying to say. I mean, you have no rules, and your member list isn't labeled, you have no ranks... etc. I mean, you can try to run this, but 50% of clans aren't successful for more than a month or so ANYWAY, even when they are well-organized, so I don't know how long this one is going to last, or if it'll even become official.