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Default Re: Individual RP: Fierce Deity

"Togekiss, Extremespeed your way to Gastly and use Yawn!"

“Smart move there Alonzo,” I said grinning

Togekiss blasted down from the sky like a falling piece of debris from space. I could feel the air as it rushed down almost too fast to see. Togekiss took a deep breath and looked at the confused Gastly who did not have a clue where it was. Togekiss exhaled loadly as a large cloud burst out from its mouth. The cloud floated for a while until it popped when it had reached Gastly.

The ghost Pokemon yawned several times and looked very sleepy, but not ready to sleep yet. Gastly spun around repeatedly until it could faintly see Togekiss, it tried to focus on the angel Pokemon as a cloud started to form above Togekiss. Only I was watching it. It seemed Alonzo was pretty happy with the way things were going. Suddenly the cloud darkened and electricity started to pass through it. Then Alonzo and Togekiss realised but it was too late. The thunderbolt shot down from the sky, faster than any Extremespeed and hit Togekiss hard on its wing. Togekiss fell down to the ground as electricity flowed through it. Togekiss had become Paralysed in the process.

“Come on Alonzo you can do better than this!”

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