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Lightbulb PE2K Factfile 2.0

PE2K Factfile 2.0

New year, new decade, new start. The old thread was a little unorganized. Too many deleted posts and banned members. It needed a make-over. :p

I have added new subjects and split each into categories. Feel free to add your own or just leave any blank if you feel the need.

Before you make your factfile, please read the rules. Everyone loves rules. :p You can find the old factfile thread here, just in case you "forgot" about some things.

1. Follow all PE2K rules.
2. Post only once. If you want make any updates, EDIT your post. If you create a new one, I will delete it. No deleting your old one to create a new one either. :p If you want people to see it, link the post on your sig.
3. No comments or chat here. Talk in the Daily Chit Chat.
4. Follow rules 1, 2 and 3.

Originally Posted by HKim
There are many people in real life who would take information you post here and use it to stalk you or take advantage of you, especially if you are a young girl/boy. These people are sick, both in mind and body, and prey on forums like these simply because they do attract young people.

I do not recommend that you post information that will allow people to track you down such as your address, full name, phone number, and other such information that would allow someone to easily find you. It is better to be safe than sorry.

I hope you take this into consideration before posting information that could harm you. The internet is a dangerous place and as a moderator, I hope that such danger will never come to PE2K. But, we can't always stop internet stalkers from coming here so take this advice and refrain from posting information that would leave you vulnerable.

Thank you.
If you don't want to use bullets, you can use these (c&p): ► › · • » ■ * + = × You can also use your own or none at all.

 • Name:
 • Name Meaning: (If you don't know, this might help)
 • Alias:
 • Join date: (for the Proboarders, this might help ;))
 • DOB: 
 • Age
 • Birthplace: 
 • Location:
 • Sex: 
 • Race*:
 • Ethnicity*: 
 • Status:
 • Orientation: 
 • Occupation:
 • Grade: (some places refer to it as Year)
 • Family:
 • Pets:

 • Height: 
 • Weight: 
 • Shoe Size: 
 • Eye Color: 
 • Hair Color:
 • Piercings:
 • Tattoos:

 • Color:
 • Number:
 • Animal:
 • Pokémon: (it is a Pokémon forum after all :p)
 • Flower:
 • Food:
 • Candy:
 • Restaurant:

 • Movie:
 • Movie Genre:
 • Animated Series:
 • Non-animated TV Series:
 • Anime:
 • Comedian:
 • Actor/Actress:
 • Video Game:
 • Console:
 • Singer:
 • Band:
 • Song:
 • Favorite Music Genre:
 • Album:

RANDOM: (Also Favorites)
 • Character: (Cartoon, Show, etc.)
 • Quote: (From TV or literature)
 • Book:
 • Clothing Brand:
 • Season:
 • Day of the Week:
 • Month:
 • Sport to play/watch:
 • Languages spoken:
 • Places traveled:
 • Hobbies:
 • Tags/Keywords: (If you look on the upper right hand corner, you'll see "Search this Thread." The board will catch these words and bring you to the post, unless they are common words like 'it,' 'and,' 'or,' etc. Works in the same way as YouTube tags/keywords.)

 • MySpace:
 • Facebook:
 • twitter:
 • AIM:
 • YIM:
 • MSN:
 • IGQ:
 • Skype:
 • DeviantArt:


*I've researched and researched and I'm still iffy on the differences between Race and Ethnicity. A lot of people say "white," but white is a color, or tone, but it's acceptable. From what I've researched, Ethnicity is what you are referred to; e.g, Hispanic, White, Black. Race is actually where family came from; e.g, Spanish, Greek, English, British, Swedish etc. People mistakenly place "white" under Race, which is understandable since the U.S. government has accepted that as a Race, but places Hispanics under Ethnicity. It's very confusing, but from hours or research, (yes, hours) this is my explanation. Still, other websites have different meanings and in some cases switch the meanings... which makes me start researching again in confusion. Research yourself. You'll be in a never ending maze. :p

EDIT: *Aha! I got the Census form yesterday and it says; "the Census does not consider Hispanic a race." So there you have it, you're either Hispanic or not. :p Yay spics!

Okay, begin!

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