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Default Re: Individual RP: Metallic Houndoom

OOC: Sorry for taking so long. Holiday stuffs got in the way. ^^;

Mightyena didn't feel like getting in the water at the moment, so it just sat there and began to Howl. Meanwhile, following Zack's command, Dragonite began flapping her wings and created a twister. As the Twister made contact with the water, it began absorbing water. Dragonite took aim and forced the twister in the direction of the land, but due to her blurry vision, the twister got onto the ground where it headed into the trees and broke, avoiding Mightyena completely.

Mightyene just stared at the watery display with awe.

__________________________________________________ ________________________

Trainer's stats:

Trainer: Zack Blaze

Location: Meteor Valley

Area Effects:
---Wet field, Night, Full Moon

Encounters Remaining: 3

PPPP Violation: 1

Pokemon Stats:
---Docile Magnezone (NG/Magnet Pull) 31.11%
---Hardy Houndoom (F/Early Bird) 57.63%
---Calm Dragonite (F/Inner Focus) 76.42% (Hesitant, slightly blinded)

Total Items: Mega Puffins x2, Max Potions x4, Hyper Balls x6, Digital Camera

Total Captured Pokemon: Impish Banette (?/Frisk)

Current Wild Pokemon: ??? Mightyena (?/???) 64.54% (paralized, attack raised)

Other Wild Pokemon: Hasty Poochyena (?/Quick Feet); Jolly Cleffa (?/Magic Guard); Relaxed Beldum (NG/Clear Body); Quirky Unown (NG/Levitate); Docile Poochyena (?/Run Away); Quiet Umbreon (?/Synchronize); Sassy Clefairy (?/Cute Charm), Rash Spoint (?/Thick Fat); Naive Poochyena (?/Run Away); Lax Shuppet (?/Frisk)
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