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Default Re: Burning Inferno **Now Recruiting**

Shop and Battle Points:

*PaperRobot 5 points
*silver_master 5 points
*Legend Trio UFA 5 points
*Haunted_Penguin 5 points
*mfauz 5 points

Point System:

To get Shop points -
* Donate a poke to the shop 20 points
* Defeat a member in the clan 1 point
* Recruit a member into the clan 10 points
* Create a User bar or banner for the clan 40 points
* Joining the clan 5 points

To get Battle Points -
* Defeat a member from another clan 1 point
* Defeat someone from a clan we are at war with 2 points
* Winning a war 30 points

The only way to lose points is if you break a rule or quit from the clan.

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Credit goes to Neeno

Battle Frontier Double Challenge Points: 40

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