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Default Vines {WWC}

Banner by Me; Full credit to the artists
Targets: Rattata, Koffing, Gligar and Yanma
Characters Needed: (10k-20k)+(10k-20k)+(10k-20k)+(5k-10k)=(35k-70k)
Characters: (Without Spaces) 64,177
Characters: (With Spaces) 78,502

Crossover between Pokemon and Law and Order SVU. Beware, some blood, lots of sexual reference-type-things, I suppose. Just don't read it unless you can handle 'rape'.

Follows the story of Detectives Marie-Anne Hille, Donovan Carber, Santine Marley and Archer Daugherty as they attempt to finally corner and arrest a serial rapist known as the Vine Rapist for his tendancy to use decapitated Bulbasaur vines. Not your average capture, I may add.

Paired with my love, the incredibly awesome and amazingly fantastic Shock <3
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