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Default Re: Contest Chat

I've finally added the "Festival" rules in the All about Contest thread. Yes, those are the Forum FFA contests.

Most of the regulations are in the All About Contests thread, while the rest of the rules concerning Judges can be found in the Jury of Judges thread

If you find something amiss, please tell me. If you think the rules should be different, tell me as well, or, even better, post here to discuss about it.

Next in this board, I'll be setting up a feedback thread for the Ability/Move combo, where you can point out any combo you don't see there, as it's helpful since I'm only human, therefore my creativity is limited.

[rant mode]
It really sucks not being able to edit things myself, but it's not that big of a deal since there aren't many major changes I'll have to do. It'd be easier to do it for the minor stuff, but I'll have to endure this until this section gets a stable flux of activity.

So, people, force other people to join this section. Like, now!!!111!!1one!1eleven!!

just kidding though, if you really do it, I won't complain.

Many thanks to Jess aka Dog of Hellsing for being my editing slave very understanding of my situation, and helping me with the adding of stuff.
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