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Default Re: URPG National Park Main RP

Saundra Blake
Meteor Valley

A good trip to the Park is certainly a lot better than even the hardest day at the Gym. Running here and there, trying to avoid random Wild Pokemon, and moving over the terrain had probably helped me loose a couple of pounds today. I didn’t complain, though. I was in good shape, so all this roughing-it stuff wasn’t too much of a challenge. Us Trainers got used to this sort of thing anyways, having to do it pretty much every day for years as we journeyed the world.

My Ranger suggested we head for the Outpost, since it was getting dark and my visit was coming to a close. We headed off, soon reaching a gently rolling hill. After a bit of climbing we reached the top, with poor Drowzee having a bit of a hard time of things, and Brisbane pointed out a pool in the near distance. I started to nod when he asked if we should take a rest there, but at that moment an Unown floated into the air in front of me. It’s single eyelid was drooping, giving it a drowsy expression. I slowly scooted a few steps to the left, not wanting to spook it. Once I’d given it some space to move by me, I waved towards the pool and smiled, speaking in a soft voice.

“A rest sounds good, I suppose. I think it’ll do Drowzee some good, too,” I said, keeping an eye on Unown just in case we somehow startled it and it attacked, or did so simply out of spite.
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