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Default Re: Vines COME BACK LATER

Fuchsia City
Corner of Best Pick’s Apartment Complex
10:44 PM, October 7th, 2009

"Excuse me? Hello? I need an ambulance at 81st Avenue and Lyons Street? A young woman... She’s been assaulted. Please, I need one quick!" The lady, short and stocky with a layer of fat covering her body, sobbed into the phone, her eyes glued to the bloody scene in front of her. She closed her eyes, afraid to look at the young girl, just a few months shy of eighteen.

"Ma’am, please hold on. We’ll get a bus over to her as quickly as possible. Just stay calm and stay with her!" The voice in the phone said, her voice both bored and worried at the same time.

The older woman, somewhere in between thirty and forty, nodded frantically and hung up quickly, taking another look at the victim.

She was probably very beautiful, when her fair face wasn’t bruised or bloodied. Her hair was reddish-brown, or maybe it was just brown. It is hard to tell, in the dark of the night. The only reason Mrs. Pickering had found her was because of the sudden eruption of noise from outside the dreary apartment building. But despite her husband being the landlord and the fact that she knew everyone in the old brick building, she had never seen her. She was sure she would have recognized her. She was lying on the wet ground with her clothes torn off, swollen belly revealed to the new winter winds. Mrs. Pickering was tempted to get her some clothing or at least a blanket, but she didn’t want to tamper with the crime scene. And, as if to calm her mind, a sleek-furred Espeon was curling besides her, licking her face gently until the ambulance arrived.

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