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Default Re: Vines COME BACK LATER

Fuchsia City
Special Victims Unit
7:52 AM, October 20th, 2009

"Hille, we’ve got a case for you," the boss of the Special Victims Unit told his lead detective, Marie-Anne Hille.

"Shoot," she replied as she tossed some stray black hairs behind her pale ears. Detective Hille was one of the best. She has solved dozens of cases and put just as many rapists in jail. She was getting closer to thirty everyday but she still had the body of a model; an intimidating model. Long black hair, thin, curved body and dark green eyes. She was a brash, arrogant detective that normally liked to work alone, most likely because of her quieter, weaker-seeming partner, Detective Donovan Carber. Marie-Anne was the person that the Special Victims Unit leader, Randall Foster, choose for the most difficult and horrifying of cases. Though some may say it was because of her kinder partner, others argue that it was because of the way Hille could get anybody to say anything.

"Seventeen year old Shea Everhart was raped last night on the corner of Lyons Street and 81st Avenue." Foster informed her, taking out a file from a black leather bag he wore over his shoulder. "She’s currently at the YelloWind Hospital. Get there was soon as you can, Hille. Carber is already there and Marley and Daugherty are tracking down her parents at the moment."

"Anything else I need to know?" Marie-Anne asked, narrowing her eyes at her boss. He was notorious for leaving out key details in rape and murder cases.

"Shea is..." He checks a clipboard once more, dark brown eyes scanning the information sheet, "eight and a half months pregnant. Prime suspect at this moment is the Vine Rapist.”

The Vine Rapist was a serial rapist and still hasn’t been caught. It was normally quite easy to tell if a victim was raped by this horrific man. They were always pregnant, restrained with a Bulbasaur’s vines, and are normally marked with the words ‘****’ or ‘*****’ across the chest, written in the victim’s blood. Sometimes he even cut the words into their skin with a knife. The Vine Rapist has been lying low for a number of years and this is the first case to show up with the same MO as the others.

“That is needed information, Foster,” Hille replied, hurrying over to her messy desk. On it is a simple leather belt with five Pokeballs and a gun. Hille picked it up, wrapping it easily around her thin waist, before exiting the SVU Office Building quickly.

Foster sighed, shaking his head as his key detective walked out. This time, Foster thought to himself. This time we will catch him.

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