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Default Re: Vines COME BACK LATER

Fuchsia City
Special Victims Unit, Foster’s Office
12:03 PM, October 8th, 2009

Randall sighed, tossing the Pokeball into the air absently. “This is our only lead, isn’t it?”

Santine shook her head. “Hardly. We’re still waiting for a match from the DNA,” she muttered angrily. “But even Annie agrees that we’ve got to tell Neb about his girlfriend.” Besides her, on Randall’s desk, her Magby smiled absently, not sensing that his Trainer was in a bad mood. He was still in training.

Donovan nodded. “And Lackar Rouge would be a good person to ask about this whole thing. He might be able to help us.”

Hille sighed, sounding a bit angry. “How about this,” she said, “Don and I will go look for this Neb while Santine and Archer can cross reference things with the other victims.”

Archer nodded. “I guess that’ll work. I did talk to Megan about the crime scene. Apparently the rape didn’t occur there,” he said. “There were sand particles on Shea’s clothing that suggested she was by a beach.”

Megan Honeycutt was our new forensic scientist, the one who took the job after Lynnette Holland retired to become a nurse. She was skilled at her job, even though Megan was very quiet, only just giving the detectives what they needed.

“And, also according to Megan, a beach is where Rachelle Baker was raped, along with Quianna Beck, Melanie Sanders and Hannah Samuels. All of those girls had some trace of that same sand,” Archer continued, sounding rather absent. He was gazing off into the distant, out of the partially closed window. “Same sand, too.”

Donovan nodded. “The only beach around here is Marill Beach,” he noted. Santine shook her head, making her little Magby look up from where it was playing with some pens.

“Actually, it’s not. Marill Beach is the one everyone goes to because it’s right next to the pier and whatever,” Santine explained after getting a few looks from Randall Foster and Marie-Anne Hille. “Tyke-Tyke Cove isn’t that far from Fuchsia City. There’s not a ton of sand, but it’s there.”

Marie-Anne grinned. “I remember that place. Crawling with Mantine and Mantyke,” she replied. “We can check there, too.”

Randall held up his hands, the minimized Pokeball held between his thumb and palm. “But first we need to figure out what’s inside this.”

Santine rolled her eyes at her boss. “Then let whoever is in there out,” she mused, leaning over Randall’s messy desk to grab their only lead. Randall tossed the Pokeball into the air before she could snatch it.

The sphere almost paused midair, latching open to let loose a red haze that formed into the shape of a large rat, before continuing to fall to the ground. When the red haze broke off, a Rattata was standing in the center of the room, her only escape routes blocked by Detective Carber. The deep purple and off-white Pokemon quivered on the ground, her small body shaking violently as it faced the four detectives. From her fanged and narrow violet snout she whimpered. Santine’s Magby jumped off the desk, reaching out with one of his stubby, clawed hands. Rattata shifted away from him, revealing a thick, and luckily loose, string with a card attached.

Marie-Anne reached forward to take the card, only to have the small Pokemon hiss and slash at her hand. She recoiled, glaring at the Rattata. “Dammit,” she mumbled. She stood up again, hands going to her waist. “Forgot my Pokeballs at my desk.” She looked at Santine expectantly.

Santine sighed, looking at her Magby. “Alright, hun,” she said. “Fire Punch.”

Magby’s orange hand started to glow a faint red light before it engulfed itself in a flame that didn’t seem to hurt him at all. Rattata’s eyes widened as she saw the incoming attack. Quickly, she ran towards Magby, pushing him over before he had the chance to attack. Quick Attack always striked first, and now Rattata had the upper hand of this battle.

Marie-Anne headed to the back of the room, standing next to Randall to give the two battling Pokemon more room. Carber and Daugherty followed her. They didn’t want to get hit by fire or fangs.

Santine fumed when her Magby toppled over. “Stand up and give that rat a taste of Fire Spin!” she called angrily. Magby jumped to his feet, calling out a threat in his language before spinning in a circle. Bright flames followed Magby’s ‘dancing’ and after a brief pause, they shot forward at Rattata.

Even the Mouse Pokemon’s speed couldn’t save it from the vicious fire attack. “Rat-at!!” she called out, voice searing with pain. She jumped away from the fire, only to step on another trail of fire that burned on the musky brown carpet.

Randall frowned. “That was a present from my wife,” he grumbled angrily.

Santine glared at him. “Oh shut up,” she snapped. He looked away.

Rattata looked back at her shoulder, whimpering at the sight of the burned purple flesh. She turned to her opponent and let out a fierce battle-cry, running at the Live Coal Pokemon. She stepped on the little trails of fire before sinking her teeth onto Magby’s shoulder in a cruel Bite attack.

Magby cried out, not waiting for his Trainer to send out another move. His clawed hand caught fire again after glowing dangerously and he smacked Rattata easily, sending her flying into the air only to be caught by Santine as she hurried to make sure their lead wasn’t hurt anymore. Luckily, Rattata had passed out from the unexpected Fire Punch.

Santine held the Rattata in one arm, cradling the purple and white Pokemon to her chest. With her other hand, she took the slightly charred string off Rattata’s neck.

“Private Detective Rowan Bianca Dalca,” Santine read. “Looks like Neb wanted us to find this her.”

Randall nodded. “Don, Annie,” he said. “Go find this Rowan Dalca. And bring her back her Rattata. Just remember to get Rattata healed first.”

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