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Default Re: Vines COME BACK LATER

Fuchsia City
YelloWind Hospital Room 216
5:30 PM, October 8th 2009

Shea had woken up from her deep slumber only an hour before and was still in mourning. A body had been found at the crime scene after she had been taken away, the body of her precious Furret, Eddy. He had been killed after trying to attack Shea’s rapist and buried deep in the earth after he was through with Shea. The Forensic Pokemon Scientist who did his autopsy reported that caused of death was strangulation.

Detective Santine Marley and Archer Daugherty arrived at the hospital at 5 pm, and had waited a good half hour before the nurse thought that Shea was well enough to have visitors. Luckily, Marley and Daugherty weren’t her only ones. Amanda Collins was there, as well as two of her best friends, Fawn Roberts and Hayden West. All three were rape victims of the Vine Rapist, each with their own child.

Amanda, now twenty-five years old, was a strong woman now, always looking out for new victims. Her only child, an eight-year-old little boy, has been very helpful when it came to helping new victims and his best friends are other victim’s children. Amanda was the first victim, the first one to feel violated by the Vine Rapist. She is one of the few victims that didn’t hate the detectives for all their hard work.

Fawn and Hayden are younger victims, the sixth and eighth respectively. The two of them became friends with Amanda after meeting her and they quickly established their group. Brooklyn Ethans, the second victim, had become a nanny for the sole purpose of watching the other victim’s children, since she had also been brutally beaten to the point of her unborn child perishing during the attack.

Hayden West, the older of the two, was a beautiful young African-American with coffee colored skin, hair like dark chocolate that fell in waves past her mid-back and eyes like two bronze coins. She was the more rambunctious of the two, her and Fawn, as well as the skinnier one. Fawn Roberts was the opposite of Hayden, with milky white skin and pale, oak-brown hair that had been cropped short after the rape. Her eyes were a pale turquoise blue and she had a rounded body shape.

“Detective Daugherty,” Amanda said, smiling at the detective. Her luscious scarlet hair fell past her shoulders, creating a halo around her thin arms. Her face, the color of cream, held years that had been streaming from eyes the color of burnished iron. She took one small hand to wipe her eyes as she welcomed the detectives into the brightly decorated room. “Detective Marley. It’s nice to see you too again.”

Detective Daugherty nodded, smiling at the young mother. “It’s nice to see you too, Ms. Collins,” he replied.

Marley smiled widely at Amanda. “Hi Amanda, Fawn, Hayden,” she said, waving to them. “And it’s nice to meet you, Shea. I’m Santine Marley from the Special Victims Unit here in Fuchsia City.”

Shea looked up from her bed, turning her mossy eyes to Marley and Daugherty. Her cheeks were streaked with tears from crying over her dead Furret, her trusted friend.

“Nice to meet you, M-Ms Marley…” she stammered awkwardly, wiping her remaining tears with her sleeve. “I guess you know my name already… Shea Everhart…”

Daugherty held out a hand to the seventeen year old girl after talking a few large strides towards her. He withdrew his hand quickly when she cringed. “Uh, sorry. Special Victims Unit Archer Daugherty, at your service, ma’am,” he floundered.

“N-nice to meet you, too,” Shea replied softly, looking away. She rested her wobbly hand on Esmeralda’s head, stroking her silently before speaking up again. “Do you know who did this to me?”

“Since these three are here, I suppose you know that the Vine Rapist did this to you…” Daugherty explained. “We are getting closer to finding out who did this, but we’re still not sure.”

Amanda smiled a bit. “Did you find something new?” she asked hopefully.

“Not really. It’s more of what he left for us,” Marley said, grinning. She turned to Shea to finish. “Your attack is different from others. The scars on your belly and the bruises on your arm aren’t consistent with this perp’s MO. Whoever did this had some sort of beef with you.”

Shea paled, closing her eyes tightly. Esmeralda stood up, licking her Trainer’s face gently before turning to the detectives. “There is no one out there that would do this to her. Trust me,” she said in her thick accent.

Shea closed her eyes. “I wish Neb was here,” she whispered, placing a hand gently over her swollen belly.

Marley smiled at this comment. “Actually, we have some of our detectives searching for your boyfriend right now,” she said happily. Shea looked up quickly, eyes filled with an unusual hope.

“You’re looking for him… Oh, God… Thank you so much,” she whispered, eyes streaming tears again.

“You’re welcome,” Marley said simply. “We thought he had the right to know. Plus, he might know someone who hates him enough to rape you.”

Fawn spoke up for the first time, quietly and after tapping Detective Marley’s shoulder with one manicured finger. “Are you sure it’s the same rapist, though?” she asked, voice soft as her cream-colored skin.

“We’re comparing the DNA to Esther’s,” Daugherty replied, looking away. Fawn nodded slowly. Esther Smith had committed suicide about three months after her rape.

Marley jumped when a musical carol rang through the small, crowded room. The detective searched her pockets, drawing her cell phone out quickly. She held the small red phone to her ear after checking the caller ID.

“Marley here,” she replied, shoving her way past her partner and into the hallway. “Is it a match?”

There was a faint reply on the other end, followed by a worried response from Santine Marley. “Alright, I’ll tell them.” She clicked the phone shut, hurrying back into the yellow room.

“That was Jessie,” she whispered, standing on her tiptoes to reach Daugherty’s ear. Jessie Flowers was one of forensic scientists who worked under Megan Honeycutt. “The DNA is a match.”

Archer raised an eyebrow, frowning. “Then what’s with the whisper?” he asked, keeping his voice quiet and low.

“Follow me,” she said, hurrying back out the door.

Daugherty rolled his eyes. “We’ll be right back, ladies,” he said, dipping his head to the four young women. He followed his partner, almost closing the door if it weren’t for Esmeralda the Espeon slipping through first.

“Don’t tell me to go back,” the Psychic-type hissed. “I need to know what’s going on too.”

Marley sighed. “Alright,” she responded hesitantly. “I just don’t think that Shea should know. At least not yet.” Daugherty took his partner’s words as a cue to shut the door.
“Alright, what did Jessie say?” he inquired.

“The DNA from Shea is a match for Esther’s rapist, meaning that it’s the same person,” she said, drawing her breath slowly. “But Jessie accidently compared the DNA Shea’s child.”

Esmeralda, who had jumped onto a desk so she could look at the two detectives, snarled. “If you even dare to suggest Neb did this I swear I’ll…” Her threat hung in the air, coated in what used to be an alluring accent. Now it was terrifying.

“That’s not it… exactly,” Marley said, trailing off. “The DNA wasn’t a match. But whoever has been doing this to all these women… he’s related to Neb or Shea.”

Esmeralda let out a soft cry, turning her lavender head to the door, dark eyes filled with a sad light. “Neb never knew his father and I doubt he knows if he has brothers.”

“Well, we still have to ask him,” Marley pointed out. “I suppose there is a good chance that it is Shea’s own father, though I doubt he’s even capable of rape. But that would explain why she’s more beat up then the rest of them…”

Daugherty sighed. “Guess we’ll have to talk to Mr. Everhart again,” he grumbled. Marley nodded.

“Yep,” she replied. “Let’s just hope that Hille and Carber find Neb soon and set this all straight, before someone else gets hurt.”

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