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Default Re: Vines COME BACK LATER

Fuchsia City
YelloWind Hospital Room 216
8:21 PM, October 8th, 2009

Donovan Carber and Marie-Anne Hille waited outside of the hospital room, watching Neb and Shea’s joyous reunion with sad smiles on their faces. Neither was married and only Carber had a serious girlfriend. Watching the hugging, kissing and crying brought tears to their own eyes. Lackar was still under careful watch, but he had been allowed to see his old friend. His hands were tied by his steel bracelets, of course.

Angelique and Terrie were there too, congratulating Shea on her pregnancy. Terrie looked a bit sad, like she wanted to be the only one in their little group that was going to be a mother. She put on a happy face nonetheless, of course. Even their Pokemon, or at least the ones they still had with them, were happily chatting and playing.

They really need to get bigger hospital rooms for these sorts of things, Carber thought.

Carber looked over when Detective Marley placed her hand on his shoulder, looking into the window. The look in her eyes reminded him of some of the things they had learned on their way to YelloWind Hospital. Randall Foster had called to inform them of a few things.

Sadly, they figured out that the Vine Rapist is related to Neb, not Shea. Which meant that Donovan and Marie-Anne’s job was going to get a whole lot harder, trying to find Neb’s parents. Santine Marley and Arch Daugherty also came up with a list of people that some of the victim’s knew and who had access to Tyke Tyke Cove during most of their rapes.

They have yet to ask him, but the detectives suspect that his mother is dead. The young man wears an old necklace, one that looks very worn out. Duct tape is all that is holding it together now. Inside a large, bulky locket is a torn picture of a young woman with pale skin and hair the color of hay. If she is Neb’s mother, than he certainly takes after his father. That puts together a bit of an appearance for the rapist, at the very least.

Hille jumped to the sound of someone standing behind her. She sighed in relief that it was only Gregory Weavile, the Pokemon translator and a sometimes-detective.

Carber stood up quickly, nodding to the Pokemon. “What did you get from Gligar and Yanma?” he asked.

“Just about everything,” Greg replied, grinning. “Yanma got a good look at him and even followed him home. Oddish can identify him, too. Gligar made it easy for us to find him. Hit him on the head.”

Hille cracked a childish grin. “That’s great,” she said cheerfully, glancing back into the hospital room. “Are they willing to point him out?”

“Definitely. For now, though, you two are going to check out Tyke Tyke Beach,” the Dark/Ice Pokemon informed them. “Yanma told me that he stopped in a building over there, so check out all of them. Daugherty and Marley pinned down a few suspects that could potentially be it that live around there. Only two have been there since at least 2002, so look there.”

“These orders from Foster?” Hille asked, narrowing her eyes. At the same time, Carber asked, “Who are the two suspects?”

“Of course,” Gregory snapped in regards to Hille’s question, rolling red eyes. “So get too it. And bring Yanma; he’s a lot calmer when he isn’t around his Trainer.”

“For your question, Carber,” he said, turning to the older man. “The suspects are James Seaver and Benjamin Travers. Seaver lives in 8221 Cove Cabin while Travers lives in 8235 Mantine Beach. Just a couple of blocks from each other.”

“We’re on it,” Carber replied, taking the Police Ball that Gregory Weavile had extracted from the pocket on the too-large brown jacket he wore. “We’ll report back later. Keep an eye on Lackar, though. After this visit he’s going back to our precinct.”

“Will do,” Gregory replied. “Just make sure you get the bastard that did this. And don’t go right now. Get some sleep, this guy isn’t going to be attacking anyone else for a little bit.” He was right. The Vine Rapist took two years to go from his eighteenth victim to his nineteenth.

“You don’t need to tell us twice,” Hille grinned, grabbing her black jacket and heading down the stairs.

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