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Default First Festival Contest - Super Rank

Ok, since I finally put down the rules for this thing, I guess it's only fair for me to hold one to serve as example.

If you aren't sure about how this work, feel free to check the Contest Rules and the All About Contests threads. They'll hopefully clarify any doubt you can have.

Anybody can partecipate in this contest, with any Pokemon- even if said Pokemon don't have any Normal Ribbon to begin with. However, if your Pokemon doesn't have a Normal Rank Ribbon of a type, it can't win the Super version of it in this contest. No worries, though, you can still claim a Normal Rank ribbon.

Feel free to join this- the more, the merrier, the better prizes, and the more ribbons will be given out.

EDIT: since there apparently is a rule of only one contest per person, but i don't really recall it, anybody can join this anyway, even with ongoing contests. This is a special case, so special rules will apply
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