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Default Re: URPG National Park Main RP

Saundra Blake
Meteor Valley

Awww, how cute. And totally unexpected. It seemed Drowzee was friends with the Absol drinking from the pool, which I never would have guessed. Absol could be pretty vicious things when they wanted to be, and Drowzee had seemed a bit, well, cowardly. How these two had managed to befriend one another was a mystery, but it was sweet.

And boy, what kind of luck to run into an Absol, eh? In fact, a friend of mine had specifically told me to catch him one, if I had the chance, and here it was. Of course, I was feeling guilty of thinking about catching the canine. After all, it and Drowzee were clearly good friends, and I didn’t think either would take it well if I randomly came out and tried to take one of them away. So I decided to be diplomatic about the situation, smiling at the two and kneeling a safe distance away. I draped my arms over my legs, closely watching the Pokemon so I could gauge their reactions and act appropriately.

“Well, I’m glad Drowzee came with us. Seems you two are happy to see each other, and I can tell you that makes me happy, too. But I’ve heard Absol are really, REALLY good Pokemon, strong and fast and able to adapt to situations with ease. This is the first time I’ve ever had the chance to even see one, though, let alone battle one. I’ve always dreamt of having a really strong Pokemon on my team. What do you say we have a test of strength, Absol? You could show everyone just how strong an Absol is if you traveled with me. And if you and your friend Drowzee don’t want to be split up, well…we could always make this a double battle, and then you two could both come with me.”

I smiled and hoped Absol would have its ego stoked enough by my words to accept my challenge. I was lying about never having seen an Absol, because I actually did own one. I wasn’t exaggerating when it came to describing their battle capabilities, though. They really were strong and fast, and because they could glimpse the future to an extent, they were highly capable of adapting to changing situations. And concerning Drowzee…well, I didn’t really want to catch it, but I was loathe to split the friends up, so if they wanted to make this a double battle I wouldn’t complain.


OOC: So yeah, unless you feel like making this a double battle and rolling an extra Pokemon, I don’t really want to battle Drowzee too lol.
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